Day 15 – Is your Workspace working for you?

The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event, 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.  Details are here.


Hi there!

Today, please do your best with the following requests:

1) Spend a minimum of 30 minutes organizing and clearing out your workspace or desk.

By this I mean:

  • open drawers and discard items you no longer need
  • put all papers needing to be filed together in one place
  • place books on shelves or in stacks where they belong
  • all correspondence needing to be answered in one place, bills in one file, each project in its own folder or container
  • supplies…organized and streamlined (we often have excess clogging the space)
  • and put all items belonging elsewhere, where they belong…

2) Do the above while timing yourself. Use a timer or clock…see how much you can get done in 30 minutes

3) Then assess and plan the remainder of the project (if not complete) over the next 2-3 days. Allot chunks of time wherever possible in order to get your workspace organized.

4) Instead of stopping to do the things you run into…which can/will take you off task (you will begin new tasks, forgetting about ORGANIZING the space) CREATE a pile with a list at top. “Things to do over the next X number of days”

Be very explicit with the action steps. The more detail the better. And STICK to the plan, getting them done by that date. [be sure to let your accountability partner know about this list]

5) THEN…you know what’s next right?…Yes, Celebrate!!

CELEBRATE your efforts, your sincere commitment to performing at your highest and best and your accomplishments with doing the actual work involved in living your dream.

There is no success without order! 🙂

Wishing you an abundance of light, love and order,

Day 14…take one more step towards creating your new Success Habit: ORGANIZATION!

The message below was sent to participants of the 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life…a Facebook event.  Details are here.



Today the request is so simple!

Yesterday you were asked to take just one first step towards creating that ideal work space you wrote about.   Today, take one more step.

There’s a catch.

The action step you take CANNOT:
* involve spending money
* take any more than 15 minutes to complete (excluding any necessary driving time)
* and must be part of the larger goal…an organized, pleasing space that is conducive to creativity and productivity

Often we get bogged down with thoughts and emotions that blow things way out of proportion.

It’s a vital message to internalize: Little steps in the right direction take us to our wildest dreams.


Put aside the emotions and thoughts that hold you back. Take a small step each day…

Then of course CELEBRATE!!

If you have more time available or someone to do it, please do as much as possible over the next 3 days to get your work space ordered and clear…putting papers and supplies where they belong, creating systems to deal with projects, mail and clients, throwing away as much as possible, etc.

Next Tuesday our event ends…so look ahead. Remind yourself of why you signed up and what you’d like to accomplish by then.

Oh! There is one final request:

If at all possible, get outside and do one random act of kindness.

I have NEVER taken this advice without feeling unbelievably great after wards…though that is not the best reason to be kind. It happens to be true though. It feels so good! 🙂

Wishing you an abundance of love, light and kindness,

Day 13 – Organize the WORK Venue!

Hello there!

I hope you had a really productive AND relaxing weekend. 🙂

Friday’s message suggested using the weekend to ‘catch up’ with your organizing…we’ve covered organization as it relates to the SELF, HOME and Relationship venue – correspondence, papers, books, etc…

Today we begin 4 days of organizing in the WORK venue. (job, business, school – for students)

Today’s action suggestions:

1) Spend an hour – or as much as you can – doing some (or delegate if possible) filing and discarding (unnecessary papers, mail, etc)

2) Write about your ideal work space in great detail – what does it look like, smell like, feel like, sound like. If you have pictures that resemble your ideal look, clip them and include them in your writing.

3) In addition to # 1 above, take at least ONE first step towards creating your ideal (as close as you can come to it, with present resources.)

Maybe placing your desk in the position you’d like it in or sketching out the plan, or purchasing a framed picture to remind you of why you’re working so hard…ANY first step in the direction of your ideal work space will be fantastic!

4) Check in with accountability partner


Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and productivity,

Facebook event details here.