Day 15 of 21 Days of No Complaining!

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 15 of our journey together.  See event details here.



If you recall our journey had 4 parts to it – and it’s based on a fast from complaining I participated in at my church. Dr. Therman Evans, my Pastor led the journey. His facebook fan page is here:

Here are the steps we committed to: (from event wall)

1.  Refrain from negative comments: speak positive and think positively about our self, family, friends, neighbors and others.
2.  Complain about nothing: be complimentary about everything and everybody.
3.  Look for what is good in everything.
4.  Ask God for a transformation (Romans 12:1-2).

[Take me to the next level of promise, take my relationship to the next level of promise, take my place of worship to the next level of promise]

So far we’ve been concentrating pretty well on 1, 2 and 3.

Today I’m suggesting that we focus on #4

ASK God (insert, based on your culture and beliefs the name of your source) for what you’d like to have in your life, with specific regard to the transformation required to turn a complaining disposition into a consistently optimistic and love centered one.

ASK for it. Don’t just assume it’ll come. Often we fail to ask for what we seek in life and that blocks the process of receiving.

ASK a loved one to have a different relationship, one based on no complaining. Go through all your relationships, and one by one, ASK for the transformation you seek for each one.

SEE yourself as fully transformed. Visualize the way you will be speaking to yourself, to your family, friends, children, students, colleagues, neighbors, mentors, clients, strangers, customer service reps, support staff, employees, service professionals, etc, etc,

VISUALIZE these conversations.

CELEBRATE your success to date!! Because what you see as you visualize is what you have created!

Have a magnificent day my dear friends! 🙂

Peace, Love and Joy to each of you.

Julette Millien


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Up and Down Days of Accountability

Hello Accountability Partners,

Today is day 7 of our program. BY now, you should have some insight into your level of accountability.

Being HONEST with yourself about what you’re experiencing is vital. And of course being honest with your accountability partner is as well.

Those of you experiencing daily success…BRAVO! What a wonderful thing it is to be on task and accomplishing what you’ve set out to do.

REMEMBER: Keep your VISION of your accountable self very clear in your mind.

THOUGHTS create our reality. A strong and vibrant vision must be your guide.

Those of you struggling a bit, with success one day and the other not, HOLD ON! 🙂 Get up and start again. Really that’s your only option…IF success is what you seek.

FORGIVE yourself and MOVE ON. (See post here  on daily forgiveness ritual, if you have not tried it yet.)

Share with your accountability partner and devise a plan to deal with the recurring challenges. (HONESTY is key)

For those of you who signed up AFTER our start date – January 1st and you have not read the guidelines, you still can.   See  post here for summary of guidelines and messages to get started.

IF you decide to start a 21 day program…PLEASE do it right. You will have to complete 21 days (going beyond our end date of 1/21) if you’re trying to create a new habit of accountability. So join us, but please do the reading, do forgiveness ritual, get a partner and complete 21 days.

One final reminder:
Be GRATEFUL for EVERYTHING in your life.

Gratitude is the vibration you must align yourself with IF you wish to create more to be grateful for. It’s a principle of life, don’t fight it! 🙂

Please take a few minutes to share your experience here.  You will benefit and others will be motivated by your experience.

Take care and God Bless,