Day 17 Organizing in the Community Venue!

The message below was sent on Friday May 22 (Day 17) to participants of the event – 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life – a Facebook event.


Hi everyone!

Our 21 Days of Organizing is moving into the last lap. We’ve approached this event from the perspective that an organized life is one that has order and clarity in ALL areas of life.

Not just at home, or one room at home.

It’s not just the ability to have an organized and efficient office but your car is a disaster zone.

It’s certainly not the ability to shove things into corners or drawers with public spaces looking gorgeous.

An organized life is something that comes from how you life ALL of your life. It’s a result of who you are.

With this in mind, we’ve spent days on organizing your correspondence, ideas, emotions, home spaces, work spaces and offices and today we move on…

Days 17-20 are dedicated to organizing community projects, volunteer files, vehicles and projects at houses of worship…

For Today:

Spend at least 15 minutes on a DOING some organizing and 15 minutes on planning…if more time is available, do more! 🙂

1) Plan out the next 4 days…which projects will you take on?

2) If you’re involved in your community – does each project have its own file or folder? If no, make that happen.

3) If you’re not, create files for those projects you’d LOVE to take on as soon as possible. (this weekend perhaps?)

4) Clean out your vehicle if you drive one. If this is a huge job – start with the front, glove compartment and small storage areas. End with the trunk or back area.

5) Then of course CELEBRATE!

I truly hope you’re having fun with this organizing project. If you’re not, try changing your mind – your thoughts – by DECIDING to LOVE the order and clarity, clearance and systems that give rise to success, joy and creativity.

When “work” is placed in perspective and seen as a necessary means to a desired end, re-framing our mindset becomes easier.

I hope you have a truly magnificent weekend and those of you in the US have a safe and relaxing Memorial weekend.
(still do at least 15 minutes each day of organizing – vehicles, files, projects at POW – Place of Worship, community projects, etc)

Let’s honor our heroes with how we choose to live today.

Wishing you an abundance of love and light,