Taking Right Actions; Are you in control? Day 10

Hi there!

Yesterday, I wasn’t in touch with you and I felt the difference! 🙂

December has always been a lighter month for me with my work BUT something is different this year. In previous years I’ve made a deliberate attempt to slow down. It’s usually a month of organizing, reflecting and personal connections…this year, work is so intense I’ve hardly slowed down. Added to which the holiday season now is here and brings with it a whole other set of functions and activities.

These next two weeks will be magnificent! I claim it and so it is. 🙂

In the midst of activities, fast and furious it’s even more important to stay with inner peace.

Another treadmill insight for you! lol

This morning, there I was again reading and walking…found myself feeling pretty out of breath. I took note because the heart monitor thingy wasn’t working and I wasn’t doing anything so different with the workout to be winded…within moments of this thought, the person behind me stopped singing out loud in an odd voice and the machine next to me (where my husband was) suddenly went to a much slower pace.
Guess what happened? I just as suddenly was no longer out of breath!

Without realizing it I was totally affected by the noise, the pace and probably the slight irritation of the bad singing! This was reflected in my heart rate.

My lesson and yours too if you so desire… TUNE FOLKS OUT SOMETIMES!! If we go on automatic, people can really have a profound impact on our emotions AND heart rate even! Know what’s going on, recognize it for whatever it is and tune it out if necessary.

Don’t let people derail you from your best life, your best emotions and your best right actions.

Stay the course by placing them and all in perspective.

When I realized what happened, I decided to hear the singing differently. [Yes, he started back up] I heard it as a loved one singing for the first time in years because s/he had been unable to speak. Suddenly, it was heard differently and with pleasure.

AMAZING the control over our own self we all have.

What can you take more control of today?

What’s impacting you without your awareness or conscious consent?

Consider and reflect. Then take control. It may not seem or feel like it, but you are in control of all that you feel, think and do. It’s all a matter of choice.

Are you doing your daily actions – working on your project – creating a powerful habit of daily right action?

I hope it’s YES • YES • YES •!!!

The ONLY thing to do if it’s not, is FORGIVE yourself and move on. Each moment is an opportunity for a new life. You have to just take the first step in that direction.

I encourage you to share with your accountability partner, share with our journey members on the event wall and write in your journal. You will make this experience richer for yourself and for others as you share.

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and love,
Julette Millien