Get a Little Support – Day 8 of 21 Days of Right Action

Hi there!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you continued your right actions that are designed to create the powerful new success habits you are after.

This morning I was in the gym, on the treadmill and I was increasing the speed and slope, trying to get my heart rate elevated. As I was doing that, I realized I had to concentrate more on what I was doing (was also reading, holding the article for better viewing) by freeing my hands and breathing more consciously and deeply because the multi-tasking approach was taking its toll.

When I did that adjustment with my focus and attention, I was able to increase the slope a little higher. But again I got a bit winded, so I ever so slightly rested my hands, palm up on the bar in front of me. I was AMAZED with how immediately and significantly my breathing came under control. It was the slightest touch!

Relevance to you of all of this? You must be asking, right? 🙂

Well here it is.

Getting support on this journey does not require you to do a whole lot. Just reach out to your accountability partner, leave a message on the event wall or send me a message – or all 3, if you’re so inclined. Feeling the support of another person can make SO much difference in our lives as we take on the challenge of self-improvement and other projects.

Just reach out.

Don’t remain flustered – if I didn’t get that slight support from the bar, I would’ve had to lower my speed or slope and end up NOT getting the work-out my heart really needs.

If you don’t get the support required – we ALL need support at some point or another – you may take on a lesser challenge or even, give up on this particular endeavor, missing out on all the wonderful benefits in store for you.

And even if all is going well and wonderful – still reach out and keep the connection nurtured. That might be the precise moment your accountability partner or a person reviewing the messages at the wall, needs to hear from someone.

I received a message over the weekend that filled my heart and tickled my soul, a friend sharing gratitude and love….It just happen to arrive at one of those perfect moments of reflection.

So reach out – for you or for another. What seems like a challenge becomes even fun with a little support.

Stay in action, daily…as is usually required. Creating new success habits require daily, consistent actions.

Wishing you a day filled with love, joy and peace.

Julette Millien

Day 2 of 21 Days of Complaining!

H E L  L O   The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 2 of our journey together.


Hello Again!

There are about 30 people in this group who signed on yesterday and so have not received the message from day 1 – yesterday- …Please go here and start at the beginning ►

At that site there are also 2 other background messages you will find helpful, with some suggestions on getting started.

Suggested Activities for Today:

1)    Count the number of times you *think* about complaining

2)    Observe how often people around you complain

3)    Observe the difference between complaining and providing feedback

4)    Give 3 compliments today – 1 to a person you do NOT know very well or at all

5)    Consciously make an effort to *SMILE* more today than yesterday

Please, please, please [so I’m a little dramatic :-)] take the time to jot down some thoughts, share insights with others and make this a journey that helps others in addition to providing personal insights.

Have fun!

Wishing you ABUNDANT Love, Light and Laughter,
Julette Millien

P.S. People are sharing some HUGE insights and personal stories at the event wall…go, take a look, you’ll be blessed.

21 Days of No Complaining – Day 1!

H e l l o …. the message below was sent to the participants of this Facebook event — see details here — This was sent on Day #1.


Hi there brave and wonderful people!

Oh my goodness has this been a journey and we haven’t even started!! 🙂

I won’t bore you with all the details. I will tell you that I am so very grateful to be able to be in touch with you again. We lost the ability to contact everyone because the numbers were just too high…so many people were invited and attending, Facebook simply took away the priveledge of messaging the whole group! So with patience, inquiries, tech support and so forth, we got things ‘fixed.’


Thank you to all of you who made this such a popular event!

So how do we celebrate day one?

Here’s what I suggest:

1) Review the guidelines at the event page – to be sure we are all on one accord!

2) DO NOT complain about ANYTHING today or give negative feedback. Any desire to complain? write about it in your ‘No Complaining’ journal.

3) Give at least 3 compliments today…sincere and as positively as you can say it…with the body language to match! [ allow your face to get into the compliment! :-)]

4) Remember the sensations of giving or receiving compliments. And please share your insights, challenges and breakthroughs with all of us at the event page.

The longer wait to start has made this event even more exciting! We have about 1180 people on this journey and from ALL over the world!

Let’s send a ripple of love and positive energy throughout our world!

Let’s BE the change we wish to see as the great M Gandhi taught.

Wishing you an abundance of love and light,

P.S. as part of the ‘fix’ for the messaging challenge, I had to close the event…hopefully this will change soon.


Inspired by Dr Therman Evans this 21 day challenge will transform you!

A commitment to compliments expands our universe. We are so comfortable being negative or at least, ‘not positive’ that we hardly notice the self-sabotaging thoughts and discouraging comments that flow out of our mouths on a regular basis.

This 21 day challenge will bring tremendous awareness. Just by attempting to be more positive, you will notice the negative tendencies and have more power over your own thoughts and emotions.

I’ve been doing this for the entire month of July and it has been TRANSFORMATIONAL! Negativity is surely not all gone but I am aware and so much more empowered now.

The joy it brings to be kind and thoughtful and loving in a deliberate and intentional way, is just magnificent.

Here’s what we were asked to do at Morning Star Community Christian Center by our Pastor, Dr. Evans. He asked that we:

1.   Refrain from negative comments: speak positive and think positively  about our self, family, friends, neighbors and others.
2.   Complain about nothing: be complimentary about everything and everybody.
3.   Look for what is good in everything.
4.  Ask God for a transformation (Romans 12:1-2).

[Take me to the next level of promise, take my relationship to the next level of promise, take my church to the next level of promise]

I’d like to use these directions as a guide. They worked well.

With sustained and focused effort for 21 days straight we are able to create a new habit…the research does show this; experience as well.

We’ve done several of these 21 day – create a new habit events on Facebook and the results have been amazing.

This time, the goal is not simply to create a success habit in 21 days.

The goal is to remain aware and maintain the intention to harbor no negative thoughts, seek and give compliments for 21 days straight.

If this takes longer for some or even many people, that’s OK.  We’re after 100% effort, not perfect results.  It’s in the mis-takes that many insights and revelations will be buried.

So bring on the slips and falls, that’s how we will learn and grow over the 21 days we spend together. 🙂

You can do this from any place in the world and at any point of your life.

Join us – I promise you, you will be transformed! 🙂

Join the Facebook event “21 Days of  NO COMPLAINING”  here ►

I’ll be blogging and sending simple exercises to you…please share your insights, participants will be enriched by your experience.

Wishing an abundance of love and light,



How to Create Success Habits – 7 Steps Strategy

As I guide people through my 21 days habit-creating programs, this is the 7 steps we use.   Commit to them, be accountable and you will have the most powerful results you can imagine!


The Seven Step How-to Create Successful Habits Strategy:

1. Be committed and passionate about creating the habit you selected. It has to MEAN a lot to you.  You have to be clear about the compelling reasons to create this new habit!

2. Have a plan – Think ahead of what you will need – resources, people, time, etc- to make this happen, write out a plan of how you will approach each day.  If you have a regular routine surrounding a habit you’re changing, create and commit to a substitute routine.

What is your strategy for dealing with “friendly” sabotage (those ‘friends’ who don’t quite get what you’re doing and why) and challenging situations – which will appear in the form of moods, needs, emotions, “bad” days  and frustrations…What’s your plan of action for handling these situations?

If you have spiritual rituals or activities, it’s vital to make them part of your plan.

3. Be organized – journal daily and follow this 7 step strategy.  Also and very significantly, block time in your day to consciously take action on your new habit.

4. Get Light! – Clear the Way – A magic moment for me this morning: I was at my kitchen window and saw a bird in my driveway, perched on top of a tarpaulin that was dropped on the ground but wasn’t flat on the ground (the blue ones, very light material.)   I was thinking how amazing it was for this bird to be landing and staying on the top of a pocket of air practically. Then it walked around!…the image of it prancing around, not weighted down by any baggage, concerns or grudges actually made me laugh out loud.

The application to this step #4 was obvious.

How light are you for this habit creating journey?

What troubles from yesterday are you taking into tomorrow while robbing you of today?

Consider what excess baggage you can leave – you can even decide to pick it back up later (let’s see if that’s going to appeal to you after NOT being weighted down by it for 21 days!)

And here’s the magic of that moment for me.  I was thinking, if that bird had some piece of leaf or crumb on his wings, weighing him down, it would no doubt shake it off before flying off. And as if on cue, the bird did a shake, then another and flew off light as a feather. The bird was working along with me!

So, what can you shake off today?  Habit breaking and forming can be a challenge, are you light enough for the journey?

5. Speak Success to yourself daily.  This is part of having a plan too. Watch how you speak to yourself about what you’re attempting to do.  This is VERY powerful.  Whether you’re speaking positively or negatively, the power of words, thoughts and self-talk remains the same.  You know, “as a man thinketh, so he is”

Also, speak with or email your accountability partner regularly to motivate them and help them to remain on task. [Having an accountability partner is essential when you’re attempting to create something new.]

6. Get your heart right. Think of the best reason possible for achieving this goal of creating a powerful new success habit.  With this new habit, other than yourself, who will benefit?  Family? Employees? Clients and customers? The masses waiting for your product or service?

How can you pay this forward?  Who can you help with creating a new habit?

7. Apply what you already know, get more information only where needed.  If you permit yourself, you’ll recognize how much knowledge you already have about this process, “successful habit creating” strategies.  I call this APK – acknowledge your present knowledge, build on what on you know and stop wasting time re-learning old information ( a sophisticated form of procrastination.)  Do research only where needed.

Reading up on the research done by Maxwell Maltz – father of this material on    creating habits in 21 days, is a good idea if you’ve never heard of him or read his work.  Also, finding relevant information regarding your particular habit is useful as well.  ( Please note: doing this “research” should not replace taking daily action with your emerging success habit!)

Follow these guidelines and I promise you, you will be successful!  Every successful undertaking requires a systematic strategy and, commitment to the action steps required.

Wishing you an Abundance of Success,

Julette Millien

How You Practice You Play

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out… Robert Collier

One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks. Malcom S. Forbes

Successful men and women become successful because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success. Get the success habit in the small circumstances you control, and soon you’ll be controlling the bigger ones. Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill dubbed the term Success Habit in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

Hill wrote of being inspired by industrialist Andrew Carnegie, who believed anyone could achieve success by “a simple formula” of duplicating effective behaviors.

There are several key words in this sentence and you can decide which one resonates most deeply with you.  “Duplicating” is my word.

What that means to me is this:  what I do everyday I will create or what I practice I become.

Whether I’m trying to or not, I’m creating habits daily.  They may be ‘success habits’ or bad habits but they’re habits.

Consistency is the key no matter what kind of habit you’re creating…you may not be intentionally building a bad or ineffective habit BUT by repeating the same behavior daily,  it is what you’re doing.

WHAT EVER you practice for 21 days straight will be your new habit.

If you are not consistent, stopping and starting certain actions then you’re building a habit of inconsistency with that behavior.  

The key is to practice the habit the way you want it to manifest.

So, will you commit to a successful habit-creating strategy based on consistency?  Or, will you create a habit of inconsistency, stop and start, taking action when you feel like it?

I know you want the former.  Do you want it badly enough to be consistent, through tough times, unexpected events and even on the weekend?

Spend a few minutes reflecting on what it is that you really want to create.
If you have a habit of inconsistency, can you think of why that is?

Usually behaviors that interrupt the creation of bold new habits serve a purpose.

There is something these behaviors provide…comfort, security, avoidance, acceptance…what’s behind your inconsistency?

Knowledge is power.  Or, can be power if you do something with it!

Reflect on the ‘whys’ behind your behaviors, the iceberg beneath the tip…then TAKE ACTION, armed with a genuine understanding of your needs and HOW to achieve your dreams.

Know this, what you practice you create.  The way the game is played is a direct reflection of how the team practiced.

Consistency of practice, action and behaviors for 21 days straight is how habits are formed.

So what are you doing the next 21 days?

Wishing you abundant success,


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Would You Let Someone Speak to You This Way?

Do you like be talked down to?

When someone speaks to you as if you are dim-witted, slow or generally incapable of doing something, do you feel good?

Perhaps you might be motivated to prove them wrong, if you’re “lucky.”  But most folks are de-motivated.

Depending on when this takes place in your life and who does the damage, the impact on your sense of self-confidence can be devastating.   Research does confirm this dynamic but even without the research, it’s a pretty self-evident fact that negativity breeds more of the same.

The negative words and messages that you or someone else puts into your psyche will, if you don’t interrupt the cycle, produce negative outcomes.

There’s negative impact on health, stress, self-confidence and productivity.  More information on this research can be found here:

So tell me, if we know and accept this, why do we continue to engage in negative self-talk? If we don’t want others to speak to us in negative ways, why is it OK to do it to our self? (reminds me of the ‘N’ word controversy!)

In creating new success habits, negative self-talk produces the complete opposite mental posture that you need.  Things like “I can’t do this,”  “I always mess up,” “This is too hard for me,” don’t help you to increase your resolve and commitment.  They do the opposite.

You need a positive, optimistic, self-confident posture. Changing, breaking and making habits are undertakings that require your most positive outlook.   They  go against everything your body yearns for – patterns are so very comfortable for humans!  (especially the ones that bring some pleasure)

A negative self-image will NOT motivate you to take action daily with  something as challenging as creating  new and powerful success habit.

Have you ever taken a major exam or made an important presentation where you wanted/needed to do well? How did you prepare?  Did you stay out all night? Did you show up to the exam hungry and dead beat?  Did you not bother to study or prepare? Did you walk with no materials, pen or pencils?

If you wanted to do well, the answers here are pretty obvious. Chances are you did everything you needed to do in order to be rested, fed and prepared.

Apply that thinking here and check your self-talk.  Your daily preparation for this ‘major exam’ of creating new success habits is checking your thoughts before they manifest.  Before you even have a thought, you have an emotion…monitor these.  They can lead down a path of self-sabotage.

Of course you can acknowledge negative emotions and maybe even sit with them for a bit – within reason, this is a good thing.   However, you must  exercise control over these negative emotions by not having them produce unhelpful, negative thinking and behaviors.

Remaining conscious and aware throughout this process is essential.

The things you say and the questions you ask during this crucial time  will determine your success.

How to create successful habits is all about your thoughts. What are you thinking? What questions are you asking?

Is it “why am I doing this anyway?” or is it “what can I do to succeed with this effort?”

Is it “why do I always mess up?” or is it “how can I approach this project with a better attitude, this time?”

Whatever you ask, the answer for THAT question will manifest.   Whatever you think, the behavior for that thought will manifest.

Think thoughts and take actions that lead to the consistently magnificent life you wish to live.

Share some of your power thoughts or questions; we would love to hear how you approach the challenging moments.

To Your Abundant Success,
Julette Millien