Creating a habit of Right Action – Day 5

Hi there!

As with all great accomplishments in life, time, commitment, energy, focus, hard work and lots of love is required.   And creating a new success habit is a great accomplishment!

Let’s look at that ‘focus’ word. For those of you who drive, imagine leaving your home and traveling to a chosen destination. Let’s say it’s a place you’ve not been before.

What would you need? Some directions for sure…however received. In order to get where you’re going you’d need to listen to or read those directions, being sure to follow carefully.

As you travel, a picture of the place will no doubt be in your mind. Even if you opted to stop along the way, IF you really needed or wanted to get to this destination, you would get back on your path, to complete the journey.

To follow the directions, keep the destination in mind and stay on the path you would need to FOCUS your mind and attention on the desired goal.

This is what you are reminded to do today. It’s day 5 of a second round of habit forming, 21-day journeys…you COULD be loosing focus a bit.

DON’T! 🙂 Really, hold your focus.  Creating new habits takes great focus and attention to the details.

Focus on:

  • Where you’re headed
  • Why you started the journey
  • What the benefits are – both along the way and particularly WHEN you achieve your desired goal.
  • What you need to be doing DAILY to get there – at the desired time

Be sure as well to focus on your source of power, inspiration and peace. I’ve found that by focusing on my source – God-Love, the results cease to depend on my much smaller ability as a lone individual.  I get to plug into a universal and unlimited source of infinite power.

Stay focused, enjoy this journey and keep doing your right actions.

Have a magnificent day!

Love & Light
Julette Millien