Creating a habit of Right Action – Day 5

Hi there!

As with all great accomplishments in life, time, commitment, energy, focus, hard work and lots of love is required.   And creating a new success habit is a great accomplishment!

Let’s look at that ‘focus’ word. For those of you who drive, imagine leaving your home and traveling to a chosen destination. Let’s say it’s a place you’ve not been before.

What would you need? Some directions for sure…however received. In order to get where you’re going you’d need to listen to or read those directions, being sure to follow carefully.

As you travel, a picture of the place will no doubt be in your mind. Even if you opted to stop along the way, IF you really needed or wanted to get to this destination, you would get back on your path, to complete the journey.

To follow the directions, keep the destination in mind and stay on the path you would need to FOCUS your mind and attention on the desired goal.

This is what you are reminded to do today. It’s day 5 of a second round of habit forming, 21-day journeys…you COULD be loosing focus a bit.

DON’T! 🙂 Really, hold your focus.  Creating new habits takes great focus and attention to the details.

Focus on:

  • Where you’re headed
  • Why you started the journey
  • What the benefits are – both along the way and particularly WHEN you achieve your desired goal.
  • What you need to be doing DAILY to get there – at the desired time

Be sure as well to focus on your source of power, inspiration and peace. I’ve found that by focusing on my source – God-Love, the results cease to depend on my much smaller ability as a lone individual.  I get to plug into a universal and unlimited source of infinite power.

Stay focused, enjoy this journey and keep doing your right actions.

Have a magnificent day!

Love & Light
Julette Millien


Power Up: Is it focus, perception or what?

I wrote this post 5 days ago but wasn’t ready to publish.   Wasn’t sure why.

I figured it out today.

Here is that original post:

Today was a challenge.

As I typed the word ‘challenge’ I immediately knew what the bigger problem was.

My perception of challenge.

What I intended to write about has evolved.

I was going to share what caused the ‘challenge’ and how I, with persistence overcame the “challenge.”

But that’s not the blog that needs to be written.

If I didn’t perceive a challenge to my Power Up process, there wouldn’t have been one!  So simple.

But, isn’t there “objective reality” to contend with you ask?  Some challenges exist, whether we perceive them or not!

No. Not true.

We are in complete control of how we CHOOSE to perceive EVERYTHING in OUR own life.  Period.

We can choose to see opportunity in disappointment, an adrenaline rush as excitement/anticipation instead of fear or paralysis and  challenge as a choice.

It’s all up to what we choose to think and feel.

Furthermore, these challenges of mine this morning represented my choice to put them in motion.  I chose to stay up later than usual, making it a “challenge” to rise bright eyed and bushy tail.

And once that happened, all other Power Up activities were affected.   There is a cause for every effect. My choice, my cause produced a particular effect.

So if I made another choice, to not be challenged by the outcome of my original choice.  I would  have saved a lot of time, and my perception would have been different.

This post wasn’t complete. Today, I’m ready to publish because I peeled the onion back another layer…

How can we alter our perceptions?  Yes, make better choices.  But that seems circular.

We alter our perceptions (output) by diligently monitoring what we put into our head and heart (input.)  We have to monitor our feelings and thoughts as we retire at nights.  AND, within moments of early morning consciousness, we MUST begin with GRATITUDE.

Try this for a few days and see what happens!

The nights when I go to sleep with the TV on and no particular attention paid to my thoughts and feelings -making sure I drift off with thoughts of gratitude and love,  I wake up with ‘tending negative’ feelings and anxieties.   If I immediately switch my thoughts to gratitude – to real gratitude, I experience immediate positive impact.

When I don’t, the day is more challenging.

So, the point here is what?

Staying focused is dependent upon perception, which is dependent upon thoughts and feelings which are dependent upon night time and first morning thoughts….of gratitude.

Grab control, be aware and see the connections.

Creating new success habits is NOT easy.  It requires your highest and best effort.

Habits are not isolated.  They develop over time, with tiny decisions along the way.


  1. Log your drifting and waking thoughts, see the connection for yourself
  2. Make a commitment to fall asleep and wake up with thoughts of love and gratitude
  3. Be diligent – for 21 days straight, practice this step.

You will have a POWERFUL success habit after taking action with these 3 simple steps.

Wishing you Abundant Success,