Right Choices and Right Actions – Day 11 of 21 Days of Right Action

Hi there – this will be a quick and I hope helpful message.

Right actions require right choices, right decisions. I’d like you to examine your choices today.

What did you decide to feel when you woke up this morning?

What did you decide/choose to eat and do within the first 2 hours of your day?

What did you choose to say to the first people you saw for the day?

What did you decide to read for the day – or first thing for the day?

What did you decide /choose to think and feel within the first hour of your day?

Who did you decide to hang with, talk to or be with?

What did you decide to think and feel about your challenges – small and large, so far today?

How did you decide to react to “difficult people” or situations today?

What choices did you make about your commitment to daily activities – right actions today?

How will you decide to complete your day today?

Ponder, write, share…and have an empowering and magnificent rest of the day.

Love & Light,
Julette Millien