Day 19 – Organize Your Community Service, Leave a Legacy!

The video message below was sent on Sunday May 24th to participants of the Facebook event — 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.
Hi there,

This video explains why the “community venue” is an essential part of this event; being organized as you serve is an imperative!

And I share one of my deepest passions 🙂

Wishing you all that is good and wonderful,

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Do You Own Your New Success Habit?

Powerful Habits in 21 Days  – PH 21
Day #19

♫♫♫ Happy 19th day of your life-changing 21 days, to YOU! ♫♫♫

Just 2 more days to go!!

I just returned from a funeral and I’m in a state of utter joy!

The woman whose life was celebrated is Constine Evans, lovingly known by many as Mother Evans.   My Pastor’s mother, this woman of God epitomized grace and humility.

I’m in “utter joy” because love is contagious.  This was a celebration like no other.  She lived a life of love, everyone who spoke, spoke from love.  They loved her (and happily demonstrated it) when she was alive so they had no sorrow and guilt and maudlin tears.  Sure she’ll be missed, but not nearly as much as she will be remembered and I hope, internalized.

That’s what I’m doing – just took the word “planning” out of that sentence.  I am not planning to be more like Mother Evans.  I am more like her right now because I have taken possession of those characteristics she embodied.

I am more loving towards ALL, starting with my husband and children.  That alone is enough.  But there’s more. I am more humble than I was yesterday.  I am more responsible with my gift of speech.  Mother Evans spoke softly and infrequently yet profoundly, when she did.

I will speak (write too) only when I have something to say that has value to others.  I am filled with more grace and dignity than I was prior to this celebration.   I am more patient and pleasant with and while I work…

This is not mere promises or positive self-talk,  This has happened: Hence my state of utter joy.  There is no doubt, no “realistic” concern about doing this.  It is already done.

Now you may be asking what, Julette, does this have to do with Success Habits in 21 Days?

As you know I had to blog something today as part of my daily commitment in this program.  There was no way to put aside the enormity of my present state, to write about something else.  It wouldn’t have been authentic.

I didn’t have to think too long and hard though to get a connection.

Just as I was able to be so deeply touched by the life stories and personal characteristics of Mother Evans, to the point of making INSTANT decisions AND improvements in my own character, SO CAN YOU.

Each of you made a commitment to a new success habit in 21 days, 19 days ago.  We’re being obedient to the research and honoring the science behind habit formation with this program.
The 21 days approach is important to concretize this habit, imprint it onto our psyche, ensuring that beyond the 21 days we will continue on with it.

What is MORE important than the 21 days though is your decision to take ownership of this new habit.

Did you take possession yet or are you waiting “to see how you do” with the 21 days?

This is more than positive talk or powerful visualizing – both of which I highly recommend because of how effective they are.

Internalizing, taking possession is full and complete ownership, WITHOUT doubt, worries or anxieties.  The battle against bad habits and psychological dependencies is in the power of your complete ownership of the new habit.

So I welcome you to join me in my state of utter joy.  Take full and complete ownership of your new habit…speak it, do it, think it, OWN what is yours by virtue of the fact that you deserve the magnificent life you seek.

Whatever the habit you are creating, you chose it because you were sure it would get you closer to your best life.

Your success with creating your new habit is completely dependent upon your willingness to take full and complete ownership of it.  Only this commitment will make it impossible to loose your new habit, beyond the 21 days of our program.

So thank you Mother Evans and to my own Mom – Maria Hernandez Logan, who left me a legacy of love, grace and humility to build upon.  I have been blessed with great women to emulate.

I wish you joy, deep and lasting joy.
To Our Success and Until Tomorrow,