Right Actions – Take Stock, it’s Day 15!

Hi there!

First a huge APOLOGY! On Friday a message was drafted and should have been sent to you explaining the weekend of no messages that was in the offing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sent and I’m just coming to find out this morning.

To those of you inquiring…I will make every effort to be in touch personally as soon as possible. Thank you so much for the love and best wishes. (All is well, just was unable to be online)

As you can imagine, the boatload of messages, notifications and online activity to respond to after being away for just 3 days is amazing.

So…as for our subject line question…today is day 15 of our 21 days of RIGHT ACTION. It is ALSO the 40th day of our 75 day journey together.

Which means we’ve passed the half-way mark. We’ve spent more time together than we have ahead of us, at least on this 75 day journey. 🙂

I think that is a wonderful thing. To be committed and engaged in any activity designed for self-empowerment and world impact for 40 days is something to acknowledge and celebrate.





1)  Review your commitments, motivations, benefits and goals for yourself (in reference to this 75-day journey)

2)  Assess your progress – what to improve upon and what to celebrate?

3)  Reach out to your accountability partner

4)  Review the past 14 days of activity…what can you improve?

5)  Do whatever was left undone and bring yourself “current”

6)  Find some small yet powerfully symbolic way to celebrate reaching the 40th day of our journey together

7)  Find someone, anyone to encourage today and DO it! 🙂

I wish you an abundance of love, peace, joy and prosperity,
Julette Millien

Day 6 – Organize your HOME.

Below is the message sent to participants of 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life on Day 6.  This is a Facebook event – details are here.


Hi there,

I hope all is well, even wonderful with each of you.

A strong suggestion ►►► Visit the event page – hit link above – and read some of the insights shared on the wall. Powerful stuff!
AND…share a thought or two. We will all benefit. 🙂

Today’s action:

1) Get into a resourceful state…with what works best for you. (some popular choices: prayer, meditation, nature walk, music or dance, etc…)

2) Do at least 15 minutes of organizing in one of these areas: foyer or entry way to your home; personal bedroom/bathroom; closet or personal mail.

3) C E L E B R A T E — ALWAYS celebrate!!

REMEMBER: What wasn’t done yesterday is history. FORGIVE yourself and let yourself reside in the PRESENT moment. The most powerful and productive way to move forward is LIGHT and free of baggage.

I shared this in an earlier message – the forgiveness ritual I do daily ► http://blog.myforgivenesskit.com/2008/12/31/forgiveness-ritual-for-daily-accountability.aspx

Here are the links to past messages (for the few people joining us yesterday)

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Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,