Creating a habit of Right Action – Day 4

Hi Everyone – was busy, so busy all day with some RIGHT ACTIONS!! 🙂

I usually start the day with writing or other work, and squeeze the gym or workout in during the day sometime BUT I SO prefer early morning work-outs that whenever possible I do it that way.

Today I did and it was fantastic. I wish I could commit to that daily. But it’s just not possible with my schedule.

I don’t know if I reported back – I remember telling you all that my symbolic action in the last series was drinking a glass of water each morning before I touch the floor. Well, that is such an ingrained habit now, I reach for it automatically without even thinking! Creating new success habits can be such fun! 🙂

The symbolism is huge for me…I imagine the water   flowing all over my body, a fluid that nourishes and gives strength – spiritual strength to every cell. It represents my simple obedience to a higher call to do what’s right, no matter what I feel in the moment. Humility is potency.

So…I hope your day went and is going well. Doing all Right Actions as you committed.  Creating your powerful new habits with daily right action.

I highly suggest you enjoy some beautiful art today. I believe it’s through reflecting on art and beauty that man locates those untapped resources within. The ones we all have. The inclination to do this thing or another, the courage and confidence to try at our highest and best output.

Have a magnificent day, evening or morning!

Love & Light,
Julette Millien