How to Create Success Habits – 7 Steps Strategy

As I guide people through my 21 days habit-creating programs, this is the 7 steps we use.   Commit to them, be accountable and you will have the most powerful results you can imagine!


The Seven Step How-to Create Successful Habits Strategy:

1. Be committed and passionate about creating the habit you selected. It has to MEAN a lot to you.  You have to be clear about the compelling reasons to create this new habit!

2. Have a plan – Think ahead of what you will need – resources, people, time, etc- to make this happen, write out a plan of how you will approach each day.  If you have a regular routine surrounding a habit you’re changing, create and commit to a substitute routine.

What is your strategy for dealing with “friendly” sabotage (those ‘friends’ who don’t quite get what you’re doing and why) and challenging situations – which will appear in the form of moods, needs, emotions, “bad” days  and frustrations…What’s your plan of action for handling these situations?

If you have spiritual rituals or activities, it’s vital to make them part of your plan.

3. Be organized – journal daily and follow this 7 step strategy.  Also and very significantly, block time in your day to consciously take action on your new habit.

4. Get Light! – Clear the Way – A magic moment for me this morning: I was at my kitchen window and saw a bird in my driveway, perched on top of a tarpaulin that was dropped on the ground but wasn’t flat on the ground (the blue ones, very light material.)   I was thinking how amazing it was for this bird to be landing and staying on the top of a pocket of air practically. Then it walked around!…the image of it prancing around, not weighted down by any baggage, concerns or grudges actually made me laugh out loud.

The application to this step #4 was obvious.

How light are you for this habit creating journey?

What troubles from yesterday are you taking into tomorrow while robbing you of today?

Consider what excess baggage you can leave – you can even decide to pick it back up later (let’s see if that’s going to appeal to you after NOT being weighted down by it for 21 days!)

And here’s the magic of that moment for me.  I was thinking, if that bird had some piece of leaf or crumb on his wings, weighing him down, it would no doubt shake it off before flying off. And as if on cue, the bird did a shake, then another and flew off light as a feather. The bird was working along with me!

So, what can you shake off today?  Habit breaking and forming can be a challenge, are you light enough for the journey?

5. Speak Success to yourself daily.  This is part of having a plan too. Watch how you speak to yourself about what you’re attempting to do.  This is VERY powerful.  Whether you’re speaking positively or negatively, the power of words, thoughts and self-talk remains the same.  You know, “as a man thinketh, so he is”

Also, speak with or email your accountability partner regularly to motivate them and help them to remain on task. [Having an accountability partner is essential when you’re attempting to create something new.]

6. Get your heart right. Think of the best reason possible for achieving this goal of creating a powerful new success habit.  With this new habit, other than yourself, who will benefit?  Family? Employees? Clients and customers? The masses waiting for your product or service?

How can you pay this forward?  Who can you help with creating a new habit?

7. Apply what you already know, get more information only where needed.  If you permit yourself, you’ll recognize how much knowledge you already have about this process, “successful habit creating” strategies.  I call this APK – acknowledge your present knowledge, build on what on you know and stop wasting time re-learning old information ( a sophisticated form of procrastination.)  Do research only where needed.

Reading up on the research done by Maxwell Maltz – father of this material on    creating habits in 21 days, is a good idea if you’ve never heard of him or read his work.  Also, finding relevant information regarding your particular habit is useful as well.  ( Please note: doing this “research” should not replace taking daily action with your emerging success habit!)

Follow these guidelines and I promise you, you will be successful!  Every successful undertaking requires a systematic strategy and, commitment to the action steps required.

Wishing you an Abundance of Success,

Julette Millien


Day 3 – Still Organizing in SELF Venue!

Below is the message sent on Facebook – Day 3  (May 8th)  of 21 Days of Action with Organizing Your Life.  Event info here.


Hello there!

I hope you’re experiencing some lightness with a few areas more organized. Perhaps you’ve gained some clarity after doing the exercises from days 1 and 2. And maybe not.

Everyone has their own authentic process.

Take it one day, one task at a time. Sometimes organizing – physical and mental spaces – can feel chaotic when the process begins. Stirring things up, getting items ‘disturbed’ from their resting space can look and feel worse than it is. But that’s the process.

Be encouraged that you are on the path to organization as a habit, no matter what it looks or feels like.

Day 3 ACTION request:

1) check in with ACCOUNTABILITY partner

2) Create 1 bag or box of items to give away – from your personal belongings

3) Monitor your thoughts and emotions for 15 minutes today. Take note of the ones that inspire and those that don’t. Just observe, no judging or deep analysis requested! 🙂

4) Record some thoughts and feelings about your observations in your ‘Organization’ book or file.

5) CELEBRATE – ALWAYS celebrate!

For those folks just joining us – I see about 7 of you are new (now at 201 participants) Here are the previous messages:

Message #1 ► – sent 5/3
Message #2 ► – sent 5/5
Day 1 Message ► – sent 5/6
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Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,

P.S This is the Forgiveness Ritual I mentioned yesterday ►

TRY it! 🙂
It has been used to create miracles in my life and work. What’s a miracle anyway?

Seeing something differently, having a new perspective, creating a new life. ♥~

How to Forgive Yourself – Day #2 of 21 Days of Action with Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself is necessary!

Easier said than done right?

I know, words are so easy to say and truths to spout.  But how do you really forgive yourself, if you don’t already have a habit of forgiveness?

An assumption is being made here and here it is: I am assuming that you believe that forgiveness is right and good; that it is the way to live that brings peace and joy.  This is my assumption as I suggest the following.

Loving yourself; forgiving yourself is possible when you have a desire to or, you already love yourself. So are you “feeling” worthy of love – yours or someone else’s? Are you loving you?

If not, stay here for a minute and create a miracle. Change your mindset about that.  Just do it.

  • Decide that loving yourself is all that really makes sense.
  • Decide that you are worthy of love because you exist. Period.

It might be different for you but for me,

  • I think of God and the power of love.
  • I think of the life of Jesus and how much He endured because of his love for me.
  • I think of the healing and miraculous power of love, which is God and I wonder how can I be anything but lovable when I was created by, with and for love!

ONCE you are clear about being a magnificent creation of love, forgiving yourself becomes a natural outcome.

Not forgiving you for mistakes causes pain, guilt, stress, anxiety – why would you do that to someone you love?

Mistakes are common; they occur everyday, big ones and little ones.  They are a fact of life.  And NO ONE goes  through life without making them.

Mistakes HOW we learn and how we GROW.

Thinking you are perfect and so mistakes are not forgivable is egotistical.

So get over yourself and accept your humanity – which by definition means you WILL be making mistakes!  Then, move on from there and accept how lovable you are.

What’s the obvious next step?

Yes, FORGIVE yourself for all you have done or not done to this point SO THAT you can move on to live a life of love and wellness.

Without this forgiveness of self, you will not have the life of your dreams.

Day 2 Assignment:

1. Review your list of things (in your forgiveness journal) to forgive and select something you will see and feel differently about TODAY.

2. Write about that choice and why you are releasing the guilt.

3. Write out what you are forgiving yourself for on a piece of paper and ceremoniously destroy that piece of paper

4. Do Forgiveness Ritual – sent earlier

5. Check in with accountability partner and discuss forgiveness process, actions taken and your intentions

If anxiety sneaks in, just say ‘hey’ and stay on your program.  Really!

Anxiety is adrenalin and a rush of adrenalin means you are living life to the fullest, or trying to!

Stick with what you know is right and try not to rely solely on your ‘feelings.’

In Light and with Love,

♥ ♥ ♥

Is Your Life in Balance?

In order to live a balanced life you’ve got to think about your habits in each of The Five Vital Venues of Life.

You don’t want to be a raving success in business but have a horrible family life,  a great community leader but terrible relationships with friends and family, awesome home life with a failing business.  Imagine how long these “great” areas of your life will remain gratifying if  there’s no balance.  Not very long.

You don’t want to have an imbalanced life.  An imbalanced life leads to stress, illness, reduced income, broken relationships and general unhappiness.

When our life is in balance we find our joy, we create lasting peace and prosperity on a daily basis.

How do you determine whether you’re in balance or not?  And once you determine that you’re out of balance, how do you proceed?

If you just live and hope it all falls into place, has that worked for you? I bet not.

A deliberate approach is needed.  Below is the system I’ve used successfully for decades.

The Five Vital Venues are:

  • Self – (where most of the self help industry spends its time!) this is anything to do with self-improvement, personal habits, health & wellness, personal spending, etc…
  • Relationships – the dynamics of relationships, communication, and all that goes into having loving, open and thriving relationships with friends, family colleagues, partners, mentors, etc.,  falls into this venue
  • Home – this venue is all about where you call home and all that happens there. Your family life, the spirit of your home, the look and feel of your home, the peace of your home. This venue is so important! If your home life is not right, meaning it doesn’t nourish and sustain you, it would be impossible to maintain a successful life on the outside. People do it, but that’s not success.
  • Work/Business – This venue is about the workplace and all that goes on there. Your advancement or ability to grow your business. For many people this venue is most of their life and all other venues are ignored. Most imbalances come from this venue getting too much of your available time and energy. But also, many of what goes on in this venue is like a rat in a maze (hence term rat race.) People are very busy but because of bad or ineffective habits, their work is not as fruitful as it could be or as they need it to be. Powerful success habits are needed to work smarter.
  • Community/Church – For life to be truly balanced it has to have a ‘reach out’ component.  It can’t be all about you, your family and the business.  Giving something back to the community is crucial.  Service is actually one of the essential habits of prosperity. Fellowshipping with fellow church members, with neighbors and the business community is a vital part of success. And not just for the socializing piece either. We have to be part of or lead programs that help other people who are not as fortunate as we are. We all live in a community and we have a responsibility to be a player, active in some aspect of that community’s well being. Being on the sidelines is not an option.

Review these 5 Vital Venues and decide which venue you will concentrate on.

A quick assessment will help.

On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate your success in each venue?  (Success meaning your active involvement, healthy relationships and projects and general state of contentment within each venue.)

The one with the lowest rating would be a good place to start.

To move forward with clarity and personal power, be sure to FORGIVE yourself for any lack of balance that exists.

New and powerful success habits will have to be created if you’d like to remain in balance in these 5 Vital Venues.

Some Suggestions for Taking Action Today:

  1. Do a quick assessment to see where some work is needed
  2. Forgive and release all regret and anxiety about the lack of balance
  3. Assess what the patterns of your life are that made it possible to be out of balance
  4. Commit to a plan to create the desired balance – which new habits are needed?  what are your action goals in the venue of choice? how will you measure your success in creating the new habits and taking the necessary actions? how will you be accountable? and to whom?

Have fun with this exercise and be sure to celebrate along the way.

Balance in life is necessary, it’s attainable and it’s all up to YOU!

Wishing you ABUNDANT success,


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’21 Days’ Events for 2009

21 Days events are designed to support you as you create a brand new powerful success habit.

During 2009 we will be taking on  the following topics/habits.  Our programs are ’21 days’ because research has shown that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

Invitations will be sent out on Facebook and together hundreds, sometimes thousands will ‘get together’ and support each other as we create a brand new habit. Activities, exercises,  accountability, videos and blogs are some of the tools we use.

Our 21 Days of Kindness event had over 1800 participants last November and we just ended 21 Days of Accountability with about 500 participants.   The feedback has been phenomenal.

These events are fun, they’re free and they’re very powerful.

These habits are essential for lasting success.

I invite you to review this list and if you have a suggestion, feel free to share it.  Please leave a comment about your preferences and priorities.

I’ll be happy to use your feedback.

1.  JOY by being GRATEFUL – 21 days of gratitude.

2. Service – Personal Social Responsibility – February (in the works with an expert in the area)

3.  Organization – organize one drawer, one bag, one room, one office or section of a business, just organize one project per day for 21 days.

4.  Abundant Thinking – following the guidelines, speak, share and think positive thoughts for a specified time period each day for 21 days.  Guidelines will be provided about what to take in if you wish to produce abundant thinking.

5.  Pause by being STILL 5 minutes per day – Meditation/stillness/alone time

6.   Kindness – 21 days of kindness was such a worldwide success, we MUST do it again.

7.   Forgiveness – each day forgive (and record) someone or something, whether it’s new or old.  Daily self-forgiveness ritual.

8.    Communication– each day communicate -meaningfully – to someone on your list of people you’d like to get closer to

9.    Laughter – sharing funnies, making time to laugh DAILY

10. Prayer – only a commitment to daily prayer required

11.  Healthy Eating and Workout – for people committed to 21 days straight of  healthy living.

12.   Accountability – DONE – January

As part of our program, an accountability partner is always recommended.  It makes all the difference in the world.

Let me know what you think about these topics, which should be first and any I haven’t thought of.

Wishing you Abundant Success!


♥♥♥ – In Light and with Love, as usual 🙂

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Day 21 of 21 Days of Accountability – Now What?

Well partners, I woke this morning with contacting you as a priority.

It’s the final day of our 21 Days of Accountability!  And I’m so excited I can burst.

Before I could even get to drafting this message, the emails came rolling in from people all over the world!

Messages of gratitude and updates, stories of success; I am so blessed by this experience!

Partners on this journey are reporting gains in their

confidence, faith,  daily joy, optimism, ability to focus, material success, intimacy, ability to connect, friendships, integrity, self-esteem, self-image, etc, etc…It goes on and on…

Thank YOU, each of you for having the courage to begin your year on the best possible note: The note of accountability and integrity.

‘If we get this first note right, the rest of the song is sure to be beautiful.’  And as the feedback demonstrates, this is a proven fact.

So what now accountability partners?

What can you learn from this experience?   What can you do to ensure a LASTING impact on your life?

This was not designed to be a mere 21 day exercise.  It was designed to impact your life in a deep and lasting way.

Your other goals for 2009 are now be attainable. How will this happen?

Here are some suggestions for moving forward:

  1. Write in your journal. Write about your insights and your challenges with accountability
  2. Contact your accountability partner and ask for feedback.  Ask for honest feedback about your accountability habits
  3. Accept said feedback as an objective view of ‘you’ from a trusted person’s perspective
  4. If the feedback does not jive with your perception of yourself, regarding your accountability, ask others – whose opinion  you trust
  5. Write about this feedback in your journal – your feelings, thoughts and intentions
  6. Review your goals for 2009, break them down into 4 quarters
  7. Decide what you will be pursuing for this first quarter – between now and March 31st
  8. Ask someone to be your accountability partner, let them know your goals and what you will be doing weekly/daily to accomplish said goals
  9. Continue the daily forgiveness ritual
  10. Find someone younger, a teenager and teach them about accountability – offer to be their partner. Pay it forward.

It’s my hope that you continue on this accountability track and make a lifetime commitment to being an accountable person in every area of your life.

This is the ONLY way you will experience success and find lasting peace, joy and prosperity.

To BE anything and DO anything well in life, you must be accountable for your actions and your inaction.  It really is that simple.

This has been a joy!

Oh and if we’re not yet facebook ‘friends’ be sure to change that, I’d love to be able to invite you to future ’21 Days’ programs – an EXCITING one is being planned right now! 

Sending much love and best wishes for your abundant success.
God Bless,


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15 Questions for Accountability – Day 16

It’s Day 16! Our program ends in just 5 days.

Time for a little reflection.

Some questions:

  1. Are you more accountable today than 16 days ago?
  2. How do you know?
  3. If not, what got in the way?
  4. Did you follow instructions?
  5. If no, is that how you do things, usually?
  6. Is it working for you?
  7. If yes, did the checking with partners, journaling and forgiveness ritual help you to remain accountable?
  8. How so?
  9. If this was a challenge, what changes need to be made to meet the challenges?
  10. What are some of the benefits of being an accountable person, for you?
  11. What about benefits to your loved ones?
  12. How about benefits to your business/career/education?
  13. How has being accountable affected your integrity?
  14. Any impact on your joy? How so?
  15. What do you need to do to continue being (or becoming) an accountable person?

It’s vital to know what works when and how in order to duplicate your efforts in the future.

Reflect in silence on your answers then spend 15-20 minutes writing your answers in your Accountability Journal.

Bonus:  Share with accountability partner.

Wishing you Abundant Success,