Creating a habit of Right Action – Day 5

Hi there!

As with all great accomplishments in life, time, commitment, energy, focus, hard work and lots of love is required.   And creating a new success habit is a great accomplishment!

Let’s look at that ‘focus’ word. For those of you who drive, imagine leaving your home and traveling to a chosen destination. Let’s say it’s a place you’ve not been before.

What would you need? Some directions for sure…however received. In order to get where you’re going you’d need to listen to or read those directions, being sure to follow carefully.

As you travel, a picture of the place will no doubt be in your mind. Even if you opted to stop along the way, IF you really needed or wanted to get to this destination, you would get back on your path, to complete the journey.

To follow the directions, keep the destination in mind and stay on the path you would need to FOCUS your mind and attention on the desired goal.

This is what you are reminded to do today. It’s day 5 of a second round of habit forming, 21-day journeys…you COULD be loosing focus a bit.

DON’T! 🙂 Really, hold your focus.  Creating new habits takes great focus and attention to the details.

Focus on:

  • Where you’re headed
  • Why you started the journey
  • What the benefits are – both along the way and particularly WHEN you achieve your desired goal.
  • What you need to be doing DAILY to get there – at the desired time

Be sure as well to focus on your source of power, inspiration and peace. I’ve found that by focusing on my source – God-Love, the results cease to depend on my much smaller ability as a lone individual.  I get to plug into a universal and unlimited source of infinite power.

Stay focused, enjoy this journey and keep doing your right actions.

Have a magnificent day!

Love & Light
Julette Millien

Creating a habit of Right Action – Day 4

Hi Everyone – was busy, so busy all day with some RIGHT ACTIONS!! 🙂

I usually start the day with writing or other work, and squeeze the gym or workout in during the day sometime BUT I SO prefer early morning work-outs that whenever possible I do it that way.

Today I did and it was fantastic. I wish I could commit to that daily. But it’s just not possible with my schedule.

I don’t know if I reported back – I remember telling you all that my symbolic action in the last series was drinking a glass of water each morning before I touch the floor. Well, that is such an ingrained habit now, I reach for it automatically without even thinking! Creating new success habits can be such fun! 🙂

The symbolism is huge for me…I imagine the water   flowing all over my body, a fluid that nourishes and gives strength – spiritual strength to every cell. It represents my simple obedience to a higher call to do what’s right, no matter what I feel in the moment. Humility is potency.

So…I hope your day went and is going well. Doing all Right Actions as you committed.  Creating your powerful new habits with daily right action.

I highly suggest you enjoy some beautiful art today. I believe it’s through reflecting on art and beauty that man locates those untapped resources within. The ones we all have. The inclination to do this thing or another, the courage and confidence to try at our highest and best output.

Have a magnificent day, evening or morning!

Love & Light,
Julette Millien

Creating a Habit of Right Action – Day 3


Today’s word is INFLUENCE.

As you do your daily right actions designed to create your new success habit, and stay on course with your commitment to be at your highest and best to impact the world, you exist within a sphere of influence. We all do, being all human.

The question today is…or rather, the suggestion is this:

Define your circle of influence:

  • What and who influences you?
  • Who do you influence?
  • Basically what is your sphere of influence?

KNOWING what impacts you and who you impact is powerful.
Powerful because you first have to know a thing before you can change it, grow it or stop it.

  • Within your sphere are you doing any influencing?
  • What are the habits of those who influence you?
  • And their beliefs – do they support or conflict with your own idea of your potential?
  • Who are the supporters of your vision, your potential and your goals?
  • About the people you hang with…do they support, detract or have no impact?

Check out this list and determine who/what influences you the most among the listed factors.  As you go about creating new success habits with daily right actions, knowing what  impacts and influences you is essential.

Choose your top 5:

1.   loved ones- family members – close
2.   loved ones – family members – distant (family heroes, deceased, etc)
3.   readings – articles, news, Facebook/online links and leads
4.   poetry, biographies, plays, music
5.   videos, movies, tv
6.   your own beliefs of either limit/lack or abundance
7.   education – formal or self taught
8.   your fears and anxieties
9.   fears and anxieties of others
10. memories – the past
11.  loved ones – friends
12.  loved ones – romantic attachments
13.  role models, mentors, coaches
14.  your own behaviors and recent actions
15.  your spiritual beliefs, heroes and guides, scripture

Determine your sphere of influence and the specific source of major influence as best you can.  Reflect on whether what is influencing you is consistent with your goals, potential and visions for yourself.

Sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments in behaviors and relationships to ensure best results.

Alignment is always good but sometimes just not possible. So we do the best with what we’ve got…but…at least be aware of what impacts your mind, spirit, emotions and psyche.

As usual, please continue with daily activities as committed.

Have a thoughtful and insightful day!

Wishing you an abundance of light, love and joy,

Julette Millien

Right Actions: Day 2


I was on my way here to share a message with you about your vision for your life after these next 20 days.  As part of that message I planned to suggest you reflect on your examples from your life – experienced or read-about.

Well before getting here, I happened to read a blog post from one of our participants about the power of making the bed! She mentions as well the lesson learned from her Mom…SO me, a lover of synchronicity, had to add her post to his message.

Check it out here, it’s so good! ►

The power of doing those small daily things cannot be over-emphasized!

And it’s really powerful to figure out what your PDMD’s (personal daily must-do’s) are. As you know, it can make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days; productive and unproductive days.

Suggested activities for today:

1)  Read the above blog

2)  DO your daily activities – symbolic

3)  DO those ‘right actions’ you committed to in order to complete or significantly begin your last 2009 project

3)  Reflect on this: your vision of you and your life 20 days from now, after completion of said project – see this image in all the specific details you can muster

4)  Who in your life (real or read) exemplifies this life? It’s always helpful, even powerful to identify those who’ve done what you’re doing

5)  Identify clearly WHO will benefit in addition to yourself from the completion or start of this ‘project.’ [Even with personal habit changes, other people benefit, sometimes from the joy of an improved you in an improved relationship]

…I’m a bit off schedule so I’ll bid a hasty farewell…Until tomorrow

Love & Light
Julette Millien

Right Action: Day 1 of 21 Days!

Hello there! [to participants of 75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook]

I got so excited when I happened onto a tidbit of intriguing information — that Handel wrote the Messiah in 21 days!!

Well after a little digging I gather it was NOT done in 21 days. While that was a bummer to discover as it suited our purpose here so sweetly, it appears he still impressed!

He completed the Messiah —  ‘one’ of the most beautiful pieces of music, imho — in 24 days.  Another source said 25 days; all 3 sections, 53 separate pieces, choruses, recitatives and airs in twenty-four days!  It’s reported that he worked so steadily during these 3 weeks he often forgot to eat.

Fact is A WHOLE LOT can be done in 3 short weeks.

SO — what have you decided to accomplish over the next 21 days?

You can take your life in a whole new and inspired direction or you can complete something started and needs to be fully realized or you can begin a new series of behaviors that will lead to your highest and best self.

Whatever it is…START it TODAY.


RIGHT ACTION” are those actions that if done daily WILL take you to the place you most long to be. This is intentionally left open for interpretation.

This is my interpretation: Right actions for me on a daily basis are connected to universal love. Starting with my well-being, they keep me healthy, organized, productive and focused on loving and helping people.

  • Universal love is right action.
  • Personal health is right action.
  • Service is right action.
  • Productivity is right action.

So on a daily basis, I do things to remain healthy – emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This used to be a long list of PMD’s – [personal must-do’s, I actually used a chart and still encourage others to do this] that I checked off daily. Today much of it is on automatic because deeply ingrained habits have been created.

I also do things daily in the service of others.

On a daily basis – with some exceptions, I try to be productive at my highest level. Sometimes that productivity is about order and organization, like today, a couple of hours will be spent on my office space.

This is how I conceive of and  implement “right action.”   What’s important is for you to be crystal clear about what your daily right actions must be in order for you to create your highest and best possible life.

Over the next 21 days I suggest you spend time DAILY engaged in those right actions you decided upon during our planning phase – the last 2 days.

Suggested Activities for today:

1)  Write out clearly what your daily actions will be (you have the opportunity here to create multiple new habits – GO FOR IT!)

2)  Select a combination of daily actions that support each other. For instance if early bedtime/rising [or any other personal routine] is your desire, select a series of actions that will make that happen. Often what we wish to accomplish requires specific PLANNING, setting up the environment, supportive personal behavior and informing others and so forth.
If it’s implementing an idea…write out ALL of the action steps required and then break it up in 21 portions, doing a specific set of things each day.

3)   Continue your symbolic actions and any others you started in the last series…or decided to begin today.

4)  Create a visual representation of your RIGHT ACTIONS – draw it, use clip art or pictures…Create something you can see daily.

5)  Contact your accountability partner and discuss your plans – use whatever format works and you haven’t try SKYPE…

NOTICE: if anyone would like an accountability partner, there is someone in touch with me who would like to team up. Let me know asap.

6)  Write about the challenges you anticipate and your plan for handling each one of them [if you haven’t already, have a book/journal dedicated to this journey, random pieces of paper will not work]

7)  Have fun, smile, laugh…share your enthusiasm and excitement with someone.

That’s seems like a lot…but it’s worth the time and effort. Recall your initial excitement about these 75 days and the reasons you signed up…isn’t the desired outcome worth the investment of time and effort?

Have a MAGNIFICENT day! I wish you breathtakingly beautiful moments of love and peace and joy….

Love & Light,
Julette Millien

Right Action: Planning Right for Success

Hi there…I started to apologize for this very late message – but as I adjust to reality I realize that many of you are in such different time zones, this may be exactly on time.

Actually, regardless of the times zone I’ve found that with any given message, as long as it’s from the heart and principle based, SOMEBODY finds it to be ‘right on time’…..ALL OF THAT TO SAY, no need to apologize 🙂

This is just a quick check and reminder to you…planning is essential to a good and productive trip, as you know.

We’re about to start the second leg of our 75 day journey and we need to prepare for success.

Suggested Activities:

1)  Think of what you are hoping to accomplish – your vision of success for this 21-day period.

2)  Consider what RIGHT ACTION means to you…(will soon share exactly what I mean by this)

3)  Decide the action steps you will take daily…to satisfy RIGHT ACTION

4)  Decide on a project or undertaking that will take 21 days to accomplish or start, significantly

5)  If you don’t have one, seek and confirm an accountability partner from the group

6)  Commit to continuing your symbolic action step (and begin another if the first one is an ingrained habit)

7)  Sit quietly and connect to your source of power…let yourself listen.

The following is taken from our planning day message – last journey…(just as essential this time!)

*…schedule some time for planning and pampering. Do you know how you are before a great big event in your life? Thinking through all the details, getting your self prepared with rest, nutrition, information and right thinking…these seem obvious in preparation for a big day or event right? Well, treating this event with that same degree of respect will result in the best possible outcomes. Put in what you’d like to get out!*

Enjoy this journey – it truly is what YOU make it.

Have a magnificent evening, day or morning!

Love & Light
Julette Millien

P.S. All previous messages are here ►

Right Action: Planning 21 Days of Right Action


I hope you spent some time today and yesterday, internalizing what was learned, reflecting and marinating in your life lessons of the past 23 days.

This is just a quick note to get you geared up for the next 2 days of PLANNING our next series…21 Days of Right Action.

I’d like you to think of the most magnificent way to end 2009.

With your self-discipline re-energized, what will you take on?

How will you like, no LOVE to end the year?

Any goals for the year not yet achieved?

Any course of study or idea not yet implemented?

Any personal success habit not yet a habit, really?

Any major project – of service, organization, personal development, or life-enhancing idea not implemented?

Sit still and let the thing you must take on to really step out into the deep, to really live at your highest and best, let it come to you.

Then sleep on it…tomorrow we will plan.

Be well,
Julette Millien