75 Days of Action Challenge – the first 4 days.

This is a Facebook event.  Below is the event description. as well as the first 5 messages that were sent to all participants…11/9 to 11/13.

21 Days of Action with SELF-DISCIPLINE started on 11/12.
Day 1 Message 11/12
Day 2 Message 11/13

As I sat and planned the latter half of 2009, this program idea settled into my spirit and I knew for sure that it would be tremendous!

Our prior 21–Day Events here on Facebook – Kindness, Accountability, Forgiveness, Service, Organization have all been hugely successful. “Success” being measured by the great number of people who shared fabulous news about the projects started, the personal habits changed or improved, the family dinners and work environments that changed dramatically for the better, the ideas that were implemented, the relationships saved, and on and on.

With this in mind, I really wanted to give my clients and friends an opportunity to reap these and similar benefits with one last major event for the year. We’re offering you an opportunity to end 2009 with a serious BANG!!! 🙂

So here’s the FREE offer:

A 75-day Online Retreat designed to motivate you to ACTION, support you through the resistance and inspire you to perform at your highest and best so you will end 2009 and begin 2010 at the level of output, peace and joy you deserve.

Did you set some goals at the beginning of the year and would like to achieve them at an even higher level than anticipated?

Have you been distracted with – you know what – and so have not accomplished as much as you intended for 2009?

Is that great idea still sitting not acted upon?

Would you like the structure and guidance great achievements require?

Or would you just like to be a part of community of people living at their highest and best?

Join Us as we complete three 21-day events – all FREE – with all the necessary Planning, Acting and Learning. ( PAL – more on that later)

We’ll be using a variety of mediums and tools: guided activities, videos, messages, accountability, partnering, discussions, conference calls, etc…

The program begins on November 10th 2009 and ends on January 23, 2010. Seventy-Five days of structure and activity.

We’ll deal with what you wish to accomplish, what’s in the way and how to stay in motion once you get started on the right path.

First up will be 21 Days of ACTION with Self-Discipline, covering such topics as accountability, self-efficacy, integrity, consistency and more [the FUNDAMENTALS of success]

Then, 21 Days of ACTION with Right Action – we’ll cover benevolence, service, creativity, goal-setting, organization, etc.

On JANUARY 1, 2010 we’ll begin 21 Days of ACTION to FREEDOM… all topics here are designed to have you begin the year with a bigger BANG than you ended 2009. We’ll encourage setting bold goals and finding your deepest place of personal freedom, joy, peace and of course prosperity.

Personal empowerment and impacting the world is the theme of this event.

If you know you have something significant and wonderful to offer our world and you’d like to team up with some other folks who feel the same way, sign up here!

Sign up even if you just have an inkling of a sense of your greatness!

And for sure you should be signing up if increased productivity, peace and prosperity are some of your deepest desires.

End the year the way you dreamed about it in January – with tremendous optimism, productivity, joy and prosperity.

I’ll be in touch soon with all the necessary details. We begin on November 10th.

Wishing you an Abundance of
Peace, Joy and Love
Julette Millien

MESSAGE SENT on 11/9 – Pre-work for our journey.

Hello Hello!

Welcome to the 75 Days of Action Challenge, an online retreat designed to empower each of us as we impact the world! there are 18ope registered from over 20 countries…that is pretty magnificent!

Many of you have done 21-day events with me so you may already know the drill about getting prepared, organized and ready to go! 🙂 But repetition is a very good thing so here are the requests and suggestions to get started right!

First of all, please read the event description as it gives a good overview of where we’re headed, as a group. It’s always good to have a broad overview.

Our first 21 day event begins on 11/12 (Thursday) and it is 21 Days of Action with SELF-DISCIPLINE.

On a scale of 1-10, whether you consider yourself a 10 or a 2 in the area of self-discipline, this event will help you to become even more so.

These next 2 days – 11/10 and 11/11 will be devoted to PLANNING. Planning precisely how you will be succeeding with your intentions.

Throughout our time together I will be asking you to do many things…the more you do the more you will benefit. I know that might seem so obvious, why say it right? Well, I have to because experience tells me that often people start with the biggest intentions and then other priorities creep into their days and many actually do far less than intended. I just want to encourage you to DO as much as you can possibly commit to and even a bit more – stretch yourself, if you’d like to be stretched into another realm of existence.

It’s NOT what we KNOW that brings success…it’s what we DO with what we know. Staying in action daily with this program will have you reap the highest and best benefits.

But it is all your choice – you may decide to do less, if you do less just know you will be benefiting less.

SO, here are some activities to get you started with your 2 days of PLANNING:

* Assign a notebook or journal and pocket folder to this journey…label it as you are inspired to – I like “My Magnificent Life” (a friend, Joseph McClendon suggested this title and I just love it) – the subtitle is of course 75 Days of ACTION Challenge! [Organization is KEY – this book will keep all thoughts, activities, clippings, etc, in one location)

* Think about what your vision is for this journey – How do you want to come out being, feeling, looking, doing?

* Look through the attendees and reach out to someone to be your accountability partner. THIS IS KEY! Having someone to check in with, to help keep you motivated and in action makes extraordinary success with this program just about inevitable. Being accountable is a huge ingredient of success. You can place a message on the event wall, stating your desire for an accountability partner or you can contact me directly and I’d be happy to pair some folks up.

* Think about your specific intentions, hopes and desired outcomes. Assign time for this and just let your mind and heart go. And get as specific as possible. Describing and imagining the details. Takes some notes as we will return to this activity.

* To ensure your magnificent success, think of what other adjustments you may need to make to your schedule, mindset, environment, habits, routines, conversations, entertainment, free time, etc… Just think it through – thoroughly- and take action with whatever seems obvious.

* For the next 2 days – Tuesday and Wednesday – schedule some time for planning and pampering. Do you know how you are before a great big event in your life? Thinking through all the details, getting your self prepared with rest, nutrition, information and right thinking…these seem obvious in preparation for a big day or event right? Well, treating this event with that same degree of respect will result in the best possible outcomes. Put in what you’d like to get out!

* DECIDE NOW to have mucho fun, laugh out loud a lot and open your heart to what is in store.

I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and light,
Julette Millien

MESSAGE SENT ON 11/10 – Day 1 of our journey!

Hello Hello! 🙂

I just visited the event wall on my where here and let me tell you!! The excitement is high and that made me even more excited! So here we are. Today is the official day 1 of our 75 days together!

For today and tomorrow it’s about planning. In my message yesterday I asked you to think of some things with a goal of clarity, focus and preparation.

Please visit the event wall – where I will place yesterday’s message for those of you joining us after it was sent. It’s important to do as much of the suggested activities as you can if receiving the maximum benefit is your desired outcome. If you prepare well for a journey, as you know with taking trips, planning events and so forth, it’s all in the preparation- especially your mindset.

Our first 21 day event begins on 11/12 (Thursday) and it is 21 Days of Action with SELF-DISCIPLINE. Below are the suggested activities.

Answer the following questions in your journal:

What is your definition of self-discipline?

Of the last 5 projects you started or commitments you made that required self-discipline how many were successful?

On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate yourself in the area of self-discipline?

What stops you from being more self-disciplined?

Over the next 21 days, what specifically can you do to manage these hindrances to your maximum self-discipline?

Suggested Activities:

1) Review the suggestions from yesterday and where I asked you to think about something – vision, intentions, adjustments, etc, today, write about it. [in your assigned and labeled journal/notebook]

2) Confirm your accountability partner…let them know what your expectations and hopes are for the partnership

3) Spend 30 minutes alone and quiet, before or after writing, just being as connected to your source as you can get. A walk in nature, sitting still in your ‘quiet spot,’ meditation, prayer, song or dance….WHATEVER you do to find your most peaceful and connected self, do it today. Ask for guidance, visualize your desired outcomes, say THANK-YOU, send love to others…these are some ways to begin and/or end this time alone.

Remember, it’s NOT what we KNOW that brings success…it’s what we DO with what we know. Staying in action daily with this program will have you reap the highest and best benefits.

Yesterday I asked you to DECIDE NOW to have a lot of fun, to laugh out loud often and to open your heart to what is in store…today I ask you to DO IT! Find/remember a joke and share it, smile at a stranger [safely and appropriately:-)], make a child laugh…just experience some joy.

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and light,

Julette Millien

P.S. A conversation between two brothers: 🙂
Little Brother: If you broke your arm in two places, what would you do?
Boy: I wouldn’t go back to those two places, that’s for sure. 🙂
Message sent on 11/11 – one more day of preparing for 21 Days of SELF -DISCIPLINE

Hi Everyone!

This is just a reminder to read the messages at the event wall (below the event description)…Actually, for those folks joining us since yesterday, please read the event description as well as the 2 messages – 11/9 and 11/10 as there are suggested activities and questions to answer.

Use today to catch up on all activities, get clear and focused about your goals and intentions, get organized – space and mind and generally prepare well for this journey in self-discipline.

Here is one additional activity:

Think about one symbolic, simple and quick activity you can agree to complete each day for the next 21 days. Pick an activity, the time of the day to do the activity and be clear about what that activity symbolizes.

For me…this is what I will do: Each morning for 21 days as I wake up, before my feet touch the ground, I will drink a glass of water. This will not necessarily be the first thing I do…as I am in the habit of a silent prayer and a few deep breaths before getting out of bed…but it will be the first thing I do before using my feet.
Symbolism: Water means life, I will be infusing my body and my life with a clean, mineral rich, life sustaining substance.

That’s it!

Have a wonderful day and take a look at this very short video…about “failure”

If anyone is thinking less than positively about starting this new thing because several other efforts of yours have not been successful…check out this video. Amazing!

For those of you outside the United States (over 20 countries represented ) some of the names mentioned may not be immediately recognized…but you’ll find value anyway. Check it out!
►►► http://bit.ly/20qc4S

Wishing you an abundance of peace, light and joy,



Hello…you wonderfully self-disciplined people! 🙂

For 21 days we will build this habit of self-discipline together.

Why 21 days? Because research shows [ Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Psycho Cybernetics] that it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. You can’t do 21 days here and there – it has to be 21 days CONTINUOUSLY, uninterrupted…taking the same action, creating or reinforcing a powerful habit

By now, you have considered many aspects of your self-discipline…the challenges, the solutions and I hope, the successes.

Yesterday I asked you [PLEASE SEE ALL PREVIOUS MESSAGES AT THE EVENT WALL — ALL are important] to decide on a simple and symbolic action you can take for the next 21 days…whatever that is, be sure to start TODAY.

You might have found that getting that ONE thing done requires adjustments or even the creation of other supporting habits.

For instance, for me to accomplish my daily action of drinking a glass of water before getting out of bed, I have to be sure to place the water in the right place, BEFORE going to bed. I know this sounds awfully simplistic…BUT in order to create [or maintain] your powerful habit of self-discipline, you must get that specific.

When we go to the gym, we build muscles by targeting specific muscle groups, one set of exercises at a time.

The same applies to habits.

So today…

1) Consider the action you selected. What other activities have to be in place in order for you to accomplish this daily action?

2) Make the necessary adjustments in your day, mindset or schedule to ensure your success.

3) Decide on a way you can celebrate, a reward you can enjoy this coming Sunday (day 4) for completing 3 full days of living a self-disciplined life.

4) Consider #2 again…and take note of the habits you have which DO NOT support a life of self-discipline. Where do you find yourself out of control of your life, actions, feelings and so forth? Just acknowledge these. Unless they have something to do with your daily action getting done, just park these habits. We’ll revisit.

5) Find a way to laugh and enjoy this process – and please share on the event wall so we can all be blessed! [We are also blessed by the misses and challenges – so please share those as well]

Have a MAGNIFICENT day everyone!

Peace, Joy and Light,

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to connect with you today…REALLY!

Have you guys and gals checked out the event wall? It’s buzzing with insights, questions, sharing… .Maria G. Villenas …asked a question about ‘chronic lateness’…I’ve posted a response and an article. Check it out. Thank you Maria for airing that issue.

Chronic lateness is a bad habit that eats away at self-discipline. So it’s one to pull out at the root. Replacing it with a habit of punctuality might seem simple enough but it really isn’t so easy.

Here are the action suggestions for today:

1) Be sure to repeat your symbolic action – as intended

2) Select another thing to do DAILY…this time, let it be something that you KNOW will impact your life tremendously. Let it be something that will take some EFFORT. Is there something you’ve been putting off or doing in a stop and start fashion that you KNOW, by doing this thing you would take your life to a whole other level of existence. We all have those sorts of actions…actions that, if taken will form powerful success habits that will impact EVERY area of our life. Discuss with your accountability partner – try SKYPE, btw – but DECIDE today and START TODAY.

3) Consider WHO you have modeled yourself after with regard to SELF-DISCIPLINE – for good or for not so good. In the back of your mind you no doubt have role models for all of your habits. Who has impacted you? Think and write about this. Be grateful and be accountable for your decisions to make these people your models. And make any adjustments needed. If someone had a negative impact, you can change that today.

That’s it…stay in action…21 days of building this self-discipline muscle WILL bear fruit. It’s spiritual and physical law. We reap what we sow and hence we must be sure to sow what we wish to reap. You want self-discipline? BE self-disciplined for at least 21 days straight.

Have a simply MAGNIFICENT day/evening and remember to have fun along the way.

Peace & Joy,

P.S. Here are a few other comments that I enjoyed reading at the event wall….go, add your 2 cents…YOU will benefit from the sharing and so will WE! 🙂

Theresa Truscott wrote {I LOVE LOVE this action!!!!! – not to mention her daughter’s response!} at 2:31pm yesterday

I decided to make my daily action a little ceremony at breakfast each day. I will light 3 candles representing health, wealth & happiness and the light from these candles represents the energy I need to take the actions required to meet my goals and bring my dreams into reality.

I’m so excited about starting this programme that I did the ceremony this morning. My daughter was watching and she gave me a round of applause which made it all seem a very powerful start.

Good luck everyone!

Nina Curtis (Los Angeles, CA) wrote
at 2:53pm yesterday
Just a friendly reminder: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein…It’s ‘thump’ Thursday, let’s get our beat on…! Much success to everyone taking the ‘Action’ Challenge it’s going to be Awesome!!!

Marguerite Orane wrote
at 3:51pm yesterday
Remember we don’t need a reason to laugh! We don’t need jokes or comedy. All we need to do is LAUGH! If you find it difficult at first, just PRETEND to laugh – you will soon find that it turns into real laughter. If you feel self-conscious, go into a private place (e.g. bathroom) and look in the mirror, make funny faces and LAUGH! ho ho ha ha ha

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