Creating a Habit of Right Action – Day 3


Today’s word is INFLUENCE.

As you do your daily right actions designed to create your new success habit, and stay on course with your commitment to be at your highest and best to impact the world, you exist within a sphere of influence. We all do, being all human.

The question today is…or rather, the suggestion is this:

Define your circle of influence:

  • What and who influences you?
  • Who do you influence?
  • Basically what is your sphere of influence?

KNOWING what impacts you and who you impact is powerful.
Powerful because you first have to know a thing before you can change it, grow it or stop it.

  • Within your sphere are you doing any influencing?
  • What are the habits of those who influence you?
  • And their beliefs – do they support or conflict with your own idea of your potential?
  • Who are the supporters of your vision, your potential and your goals?
  • About the people you hang with…do they support, detract or have no impact?

Check out this list and determine who/what influences you the most among the listed factors.  As you go about creating new success habits with daily right actions, knowing what  impacts and influences you is essential.

Choose your top 5:

1.   loved ones- family members – close
2.   loved ones – family members – distant (family heroes, deceased, etc)
3.   readings – articles, news, Facebook/online links and leads
4.   poetry, biographies, plays, music
5.   videos, movies, tv
6.   your own beliefs of either limit/lack or abundance
7.   education – formal or self taught
8.   your fears and anxieties
9.   fears and anxieties of others
10. memories – the past
11.  loved ones – friends
12.  loved ones – romantic attachments
13.  role models, mentors, coaches
14.  your own behaviors and recent actions
15.  your spiritual beliefs, heroes and guides, scripture

Determine your sphere of influence and the specific source of major influence as best you can.  Reflect on whether what is influencing you is consistent with your goals, potential and visions for yourself.

Sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments in behaviors and relationships to ensure best results.

Alignment is always good but sometimes just not possible. So we do the best with what we’ve got…but…at least be aware of what impacts your mind, spirit, emotions and psyche.

As usual, please continue with daily activities as committed.

Have a thoughtful and insightful day!

Wishing you an abundance of light, love and joy,

Julette Millien


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