Right Actions: Day 2


I was on my way here to share a message with you about your vision for your life after these next 20 days.  As part of that message I planned to suggest you reflect on your examples from your life – experienced or read-about.

Well before getting here, I happened to read a blog post from one of our participants about the power of making the bed! She mentions as well the lesson learned from her Mom…SO me, a lover of synchronicity, had to add her post to his message.

Check it out here, it’s so good! ►http://bit.ly/935RX7

The power of doing those small daily things cannot be over-emphasized!

And it’s really powerful to figure out what your PDMD’s (personal daily must-do’s) are. As you know, it can make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days; productive and unproductive days.

Suggested activities for today:

1)  Read the above blog

2)  DO your daily activities – symbolic

3)  DO those ‘right actions’ you committed to in order to complete or significantly begin your last 2009 project

3)  Reflect on this: your vision of you and your life 20 days from now, after completion of said project – see this image in all the specific details you can muster

4)  Who in your life (real or read) exemplifies this life? It’s always helpful, even powerful to identify those who’ve done what you’re doing

5)  Identify clearly WHO will benefit in addition to yourself from the completion or start of this ‘project.’ [Even with personal habit changes, other people benefit, sometimes from the joy of an improved you in an improved relationship]

…I’m a bit off schedule so I’ll bid a hasty farewell…Until tomorrow

Love & Light
Julette Millien


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