Right Action: Planning Right for Success

Hi there…I started to apologize for this very late message – but as I adjust to reality I realize that many of you are in such different time zones, this may be exactly on time.

Actually, regardless of the times zone I’ve found that with any given message, as long as it’s from the heart and principle based, SOMEBODY finds it to be ‘right on time’…..ALL OF THAT TO SAY, no need to apologize 🙂

This is just a quick check and reminder to you…planning is essential to a good and productive trip, as you know.

We’re about to start the second leg of our 75 day journey and we need to prepare for success.

Suggested Activities:

1)  Think of what you are hoping to accomplish – your vision of success for this 21-day period.

2)  Consider what RIGHT ACTION means to you…(will soon share exactly what I mean by this)

3)  Decide the action steps you will take daily…to satisfy RIGHT ACTION

4)  Decide on a project or undertaking that will take 21 days to accomplish or start, significantly

5)  If you don’t have one, seek and confirm an accountability partner from the group

6)  Commit to continuing your symbolic action step (and begin another if the first one is an ingrained habit)

7)  Sit quietly and connect to your source of power…let yourself listen.

The following is taken from our planning day message – last journey…(just as essential this time!)

*…schedule some time for planning and pampering. Do you know how you are before a great big event in your life? Thinking through all the details, getting your self prepared with rest, nutrition, information and right thinking…these seem obvious in preparation for a big day or event right? Well, treating this event with that same degree of respect will result in the best possible outcomes. Put in what you’d like to get out!*

Enjoy this journey – it truly is what YOU make it.

Have a magnificent evening, day or morning!

Love & Light
Julette Millien

P.S. All previous messages are here ► http://bit.ly/3QyXKX


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