Self-Discipline – reflecting and learning

The following message was sent to the participants of the  75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.

For all previous messages for this 21-day series on self-discipline,  see recent posts on this page.  It is important to honor this system and do your daily activities along with the suggested activities IF creating a powerful new success habit in 21 days is your goal.  Have fun!


Hi there!

I hope all is well and wonderful in your part of the world. And if it’s not, my wish is that you are able to bring something good to the situation.

These 2 days are reserved for reflecting, reviewing and processing the lessons learned over the past 23 days – 21 days of action plus the 2 we spent on planning.

I’d like you to:

1)  Review your answers to the questions asked on Day 1 – Nov. 10th – and see if you would answer them any differently today.

2)  Review what you have written in your journal and then just sit quietly to hear the guidance that comes from that deep inner voice.

3)  Reflect on how the days flowed when you were in action and how they flowed when you were not.

4)  Don’t move ahead just yet, planning the next phase – that time will come. For now, get the insights and learn the lessons you will be applying moving forward.

5)  Write as much as you’d like about these insights, lessons and accomplishments.

6)  Share with us all at the event wall.  I’ve been told again and again by participants of these programs that so much is learned from hearing about other people’s experiences, suggestions and challenges.

7)  Have fun…continue the celebration. You deserve it!

Have a magnificent day…with as much joy, wisdom, love and kindness as you can muster!! 🙂

Julette Millien

P.S. All messages for the past 23 days are here ►


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