Self-Discipline – Day 21!! Awesome.

The following message was sent to the participants of the  75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.

For all previous messages for this 21-day series on self-discipline,  see recent posts on this page.  It is important to honor this system and do your daily activities along with the suggested activities IF creating a powerful new success habit in 21 days is your goal.  Have fun!


Hello there you wonderful, self-disciplined people!

We made it – if you are reading this and you have been following the activities for the past 21 days…

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!! – I sure wish I could BOLD and use HUGE font and the whole works!

[as it turns out, here on my blog I CAN!!] 🙂

Congratulations on completing this series, for starting and finishing something and for having sufficient commitment to your best life to actually DO something about creating it. That’s rare you know. You have something to celebrate today!!

Before the actual celebration [:-)] I’d like you to consider and do  a few things:

1)  Touch base with accountability partners and say thank-you…

2)  Oh! #1 should be: DO YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES, as usual. Today is NOT the last day of doing these things…remember you were doing them to create a habit.

By now the habit is probably formed [depending on your output] so it’s vital to keep the behaviors going [in the frequency you desire] in order to maintain the new or improved success habit.

3)  Visit the event wall and share your insights, challenges and suggestions…we will all benefit so very much from this group sharing.

Yesterday I asked you to consider your patterns and triggers…

Today, consider this approach….You are the writer and star of your life story – which means YOU get to decide which actions, which emotions, which thoughts to have. People get confused about this…many of us when pressed would suggest that our feelings and thoughts are in charge, even more, that they ARE WHO we are.

*as my head shakes* Not at all…that is not the case. My essence, my identity, my presence in this world amounts to so much more than my transient feelings and my fleeting thoughts. Granted they do represent much of who I think I am, but they’re not the whole or the real sum of me.

And you know what? THANK GOD I’m not just my thoughts and emotions – because some of those have been so very limiting and even negative over the years.

I’m so grateful that we are all made of something more – an essence, a life force, a consciousness, an energy that transcends memory-based, pain-driven thoughts and feelings.

So as the writer and featured ‘star’ of your life, be sure to write your own script and not adopt another person’s view of your best life.

Be sure to edit appropriately and cut those sections that no longer serve your highest and best vision of you. Memories are based in the past and when they no longer serve a positive purpose should be used for their lessons, adjusted and re-framed. Same with negative feelings.

Be sure to highlight and feature those strengths and behaviors and relationships that actually bring value to the world.

Be sure to leave room in your life script for people, events, relationships and happenings you have no control over…write them in, leave space for them – this is where life gets lived. And sometimes it can get very sticky as you loose control of the script. People will say and do whatever they choose BUT YOUR reactions are completely UP TO YOU. That’s the only part you get to write, your thoughts, your emotions, your behaviors, your choices.

Your self-discipline is completely within your control.

Looking forward:

Tomorrow and Friday are dedicated the LEARNING…We started this series with 2 days of Planning, then spent 21 days taking ACTION, and now we will spend 2 days reviewing and learning. [that’s the PAL approach in action]

So I’ll be in touch with some suggested activities.

Have a truly magnificent day you wonderful and courageous people – takes a lot of courage to honestly look at ourselves and then take action to create our vision.

Take good care,
Julette Millien


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