Self-Discipline, Day 20!! Your Patterns and Triggers


I hope this message finds you in the best of health and state of mind.

We have just one more day of consistent, wonderful action with self-discipline!

For today:
1)   Be SURE to complete your chosen action steps – symbolic, challenging and nay other you added…Do them with as much PASSION and JOY you can muster.

2)  Answer: Were you accountable throughout this process? Did you check in frequently with your partner? Did you give an account to yourself as you ended/started each day? (did you honestly admit your shortfalls to yourself as you renewed your commitment?)

3)  If you answer ‘yes, absolutely’ — that’s AWESOME!! Take a look at question 5b in particular.  But perhaps you had a slip or two? If so, reflect on question #4 as well.

In addition, as you revel in the great feeling of success, think of who can benefit…can you perhaps have a conversation with a teenager today about self-discipline? Or, someone you know who would benefit from your insights?

Perhaps you can have a family meeting about the importance of self-discipline? Find a way to give.

4)  If you answer ‘no’…can you provide, for your own benefit, any explanations about what got in the way? If you don’t understand the ‘whys’ of life, that’s not so bad BUT at least get to the ‘what I can do about it’ aspect of things.

WHAT can you do differently?

WHAT can you learn from what transpired?

WHAT were the recurring distractions?

5)  Repeating that last question – WHAT were the recurring distractions…consider both sides of that question.  First, what got in the way of you taking daily actions, being accountable, being honest, being consistent?

5b) Then, as important to understand is WHAT happened on those days that things went well? On the days when you took action, was accountable and so forth, WHAT was going on? You might need to back up…and take a look at what took place, or what actions you took the night before or earlier in the week.

The point here is to understand what you can learn from your patterns and experiences.  What’s working, KNOW it’s working and continue those actions. What’s NOT working, get to know about that and decide exactly what you can do to stop those actions/feelings/thoughts/associations/decisions/etc.

If we take a close look at the process of self-discipline, we’ll find a personal pattern. We’ll see what our triggers are. We’ll see how an occurrence today can impact tomorrow.

Self-discipline comes from your optimistic, confident, focused, enthusiastic, committed self.

A lack of self-discipline and even just the slightest tendency towards reduced self-discipline comes from an attitude of pessimism, less confidence, a lack of focus and less commitment.

We ALL have these tendencies.  Being human, we all have the ability to go in these opposite directions. Our challenge is to understand what pulls us where and to learn how to direct our self on this path of life.

So today I suggest you reflect, write and observe.

What are your patterns? What are your triggers?

And What can you do to craft the behaviors, emotions, mindset and life-style of your choosing?

Don’t get too heavy with this – still manage to have fun along the way. “heavy” will make things way too serious! And that surely won’t help with taking action. To take action we need to be light. 🙂

Have a magnificent day!
Julette Millien


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