Self-Discipline Day 19 of – Are You Staying Connected?

Hey Everybody!

I hope you’re all well and wonderful. If not, hold on tight as this too shall pass.

Yesterday I suggested you connect with your source.

Today I suggest you examine your daily routine and assess your schedule and priorities.  Is connecting and communing with your source something you have space and time for?

Do you make time daily to get yourself focused and re-energized?

What we do daily are our habits and excellence is all about habit and conscious effort to excel.

So, how are you crafting the best possible you?

Are you leaving this vital job up to chance?

To get the best out of life, you have to consciously put the best into it. We must sow that which we hope to reap.

To get to the best of your magnificent self, to keep yourself at your highest and best, to remain motivated and energized, to maintain your self-discipline at a “10” you MUST have a specific and customized daily plan that gets executed DAILY and specifically.

While it’s nice to connect with our source regularly what is necessary for consistent excellence is constant connection.

This is only possible with daily deliberate activity.

Determine today what your connection activities will be – if you don’t already have a series of things you do to maintain your connection to your source of power.

A commitment to these daily activities is essential if you hope to remain empowered and motivated. There is SO much negativity around us, we have to do our best to remain on our chosen path.

As you attempt to mold the best you possible…creating a habit of self-discipline… all kinds of obstacles pop up [some even internal] and having the strength to stay the course is only possible if you are connected to your source.

An additional benefit to doing a few things every day is the additional SELF-DISCIPLINE you create…this self-discipline spills into every area of your life.

Again, how are you crafting the best possible you? Is it just a goal you have with few supporting activities?

  • Decide what to put into your mind and heart before bed and as you rise.
  • Decide how to start your day, understanding that how you start is often how it goes…
  • Decide and commit to the those daily activities designed to connect you to your source.
  • Decide how others well benefit from your excellence.

Have fun with these reflections and decisions.

Wishing you an abundance of peace, light and love,
Julette Millien

P.S. I’ll post what I do daily at the event wall, and I encourage you to share with us. We will all be so blessed by it. ♥~


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