Self-Discipline, Day 14 – any adjustments needed?

The following message was sent to the participants of the  75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.


Hello Hello!

On this 14th day, just six days left in this 21-day, phase one of our journey and it’s a great time to take stock.

A very important role to fill in all projects and undertakings is one of “assessment officer.”

Having someone responsible for reviewing the process, making suggestions and adjustments along the way is essential.

When the project is to do with self-development, you have to be your own assessment officer.

So that’s your role todayassess how things are going: [reflect silently, write in journal, discuss with accountability partner]

1) What is going really right with the past 14 days as you participated in this program?

2) What would you like to change, stop doing or start doing??

4) What is the single most important change you would have to make with your lifestyle or mindset in order to become as self-disciplined as you would like to be?

5) What single step can you take today to begin that process of change?

6) What other questions would you add to these to get to what you deem most important about your journey?

Spend some time with this assessment process, make adjustments and share with us..we all learn so much from each other.

Wishing you a wonderful and revealing day,

Oh – btw, though tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, the daily activities continue… 21 days straight, remember. 🙂

Peace & Light,

Julette Millien


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