Self-Discipline, Day 12 – Any addictive behaviors?

The following message was sent to the participants of the  75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.



The day just slipped away…amazing. I feels like I looked up and 7 hours elapsed.

I’ll be brief as it is so late in the day. We have participants in parts of the world where it’s already tomorrow! 🙂

We’ll continue this conversation tomorrow…for today please think about areas of your life where you might be displaying addictive behavior.

On a self-discipline scale of 1 thru 10, addictive behavior would be near a zero right? When we’re addicted we exercise no control and we seek a thing or activity with laser focus.

It seems then, useful to consider what aspects of your personality or character might have elements of addictive behaviors.

There are gray areas in addiction. Some people are quite capable of masking and concealing. But it makes no sense to go after self-control in one aspect of your life if you are not honest with what’s going on in other areas.

The fact is, try as we do, we are not compartmentalized. We are all one person. And what is done in one area spills into another.

So for today:

1)  Do a self-assessment – overall, where are you on a scale of 1 – 10 in the area of self-discipline? Compare to your earlier assessment.

2)  Reflect on all areas of your life – home, work, school, community, relationships, are there addictive behaviors to be accountable for?

3)  Before you say no, consider all the food types (sugars, carbs, etc) or other substances you must have to get through your day. Consider activities that are wrapped up in your self-image that you feel compelled to engage in. Consider your patterns – falling asleep, eating, working…that you depend upon, yet they add nothing of value to your life. They actually take away from your sense of peace and joy…ultimately. Some patterns are overtly negative, those are easy to uncover. Some, not so easy.

Think of anything that you do that feels like a strong NEED, a compelling pull on your emotions…and like the ant and the elephant (Day 9’s message) try to see what is beneath the need. Peel the onion back to reveal truth.

OK — talk to you soon…Have a wonderful day/evening!

Light & Love,

P.S. Be sure to stay in action. If you slipped, just get back on the path. If you’ve been stellar, challenge yourself further. No complacency allowed! 🙂 We only build muscle with weight/resistance.



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