Day 8 of Self-Discipline – Creating Space

The following message was sent to the participants of the  75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your self immensely!

Let me just apologize to all of you who have reached out personally – well first,thank you for your kind comments, gratitude and questions. The apology is due because my responses have been slow due to the quantity of inquiries. I appreciate each message and will personally respond as soon as possible.

For today… Oh – first let me share what Nina said on the event wall… one of my most favorite quotes…

Nina Curtis
(Los Angeles, CA) wrote
at 9:53am yesterday
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.~Aristotle.

Let our self discipline create our habits and our habits create our Excellence… Wishing everyone an ‘Excellent’ day!
In Light,

What are you repeatedly doing? If you are doing those activities – symbolic and challenging ones – on a daily basis those are the habits you are creating and the source of your excellence.

If you are inconsistent,THAT is the habit you are creating or reinforcing. Inconsistency.

What ever it is you do on a regular, daily basis, there you will find your habits.

For today…

1) Ponder the above

2) Consider the past 8 days of self-discipline and ask yourself: “What have I done with the space created in my life?” What space you ask?

Well, as you do things in their right order, first things first (a spiritual principle I honor) your life will naturally become more ordered and organized. Being self-disciplined brings order to your day, even if in just one area of your life at first. Self-disciplined people become more organized and begin to take more ordered actions.

Space will be created in your day, in your physical space, in your mind, in your emotions…and my question to you is this – “what have you done with that increased space?”

Have you created more ideas, products, conversations, internal peace, needed “confrontations,” money, joy, time, clearance of clutter, associations, etc, etc?

And with those creations, what have you done? Are you using what you are gaining to move yourself closer to your bigger and bolder goals? Are you helping others?

Remember — our goal with this program is to empower ourselves so we can impact the world.

3) How will you use your increased self-discipline to improve and impact the world? [in this question, “the world” is all that is outside of you]

4) Continue with daily actions…no skipping of days. If you have skipped a day, it’s important to start over at day 1 and go for 21 DAYS consistently.

This is IF you’re trying to create a new habit, the foundation of your excellence.

5) Write in your journal about questions 1,2,3…

Have a fun and exciting day!

Wishing you ABUNDANT success,

Julette Millien


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