Day 6 of Self-Discipline!

The following message was sent to the participants of the  75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.

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Hello wonderful self-disciplined people! :-)

Yesterday, I said this in my message to you… “It takes some self-discipline to remain committed to something.”

I knew I’d be revisiting that statement but I didn’t expect to do it so soon. A conversation I just had with someone convinced me to address it TOday.

She said to me with such an incredulous tone “but what you’re telling me to do is the thing I can’t do yet!”

I said, “I know it looks like that, but don’t be fooled by your own hype.”

Let me explain. (I wonder how many of you considered this “contradiction”)

If it takes self-discipline to remain committed and self-discipline is the very thing we’re trying to grow, how do we actually create this habit?

It seems we need to have it before we have it! Do you see the built-in dilemma?

Here’ how I think about it: I believe when we set out to grow or create a habit…that very desire, thought and interest is a statement of success. [As you clicked ‘will attend’ or whatever it says, you demonstrated the self-discipline within.]

You already have the thing in you…it just may not be fully manifested as yet. [Or, its manifestation is inconsistent. Or, it’s fully manifested and you just wanted to practice it with others…keeping the blade sharp DOES require frequent sharpening!]

In general, we tend to block our gifts, wisdom and blessings by overlaying our past mistakes, unresolved issues and limiting beliefs right on top…and below too (!)… our true essence.

We use our memories and stories and drama to hide from our true selves.

So yes, you do need some amount of self-discipline to stay the course as we grow the self-discipline muscle.

But you have what you need to do this!

This is one of the most wonderful truths of being human. We complicate things and place ourselves in the way of our progress. We have what we need but convince ourselves otherwise.

I address you as ‘self-disciplined people’ not being simply optimistic or cutesy. I honestly believe that you are, already.

We cover up our riches and excellence with stories and issues and “stuff.”

So how do we get out of our own way?
Be aware of the tendency we each have to stray from our highest and best output.

Be aware of that tendency to loose interest after the emotional high of a new thing has worn off.

Be aware of the emotions involved in creating something new. Old habits push back, they want to live on!

Be aware that these old habits may also “feel” so much more comfortable and safe.

►So be aware of these human conditions and have your response ready.

KNOW your true potential by staying connected to your source.

KNOW that you have, already, today, the seed of all greatness within you.

Suggested activities for today:

1) Read this message at least twice

2) DO what you have committed to do –symbolic and challenging daily actions

3) Take a look at what was left undone from yesterday and get it done

4) Write a paragraph about the one habit you have that you know holds you back…

Have a spectacular day!

Oh! I’ve noticed quite a few comments about accountability partners – I suggest you reach out to a person who has indicated interest and inquire…You may be thinking someone will send you a message and they may be thinking the same thing! So reach out, get that connection established. Believe me; it will make ALL the difference in the world.

Wishing you an ABUNDANCE of light and joy through….SELF-DISCIPLINE!!

Peace & love,
Julette Millien

I can also be reached at


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