Day 5 of 21 Days of Self-Discipline – Still Motivated?

The following message is intended for participants of the 75 Days of Action Challenge on Facebook.

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Day 3 Message here ► Nov 14th


Hello wonderful self-disciplined people! 🙂

[For anyone joining us late, all previous messages are here: first 5 messages are at the event wall and they are also posted here ► Day 3 ‘s message is here ► Top Ten Self-Discipline Habits to Create ► ]

Well here it is day 5 of our 21 days of self-discipline! I hope you had a little mini celebration yesterday as suggested. It is good to reward yourself appropriately – just as you would anyone else, as it is deserved and helps with keeping the enthusiasm level where it needs to be to stay in daily action.

It takes some self-discipline to remain committed to something. It does. We discussed this very point at a reading group meeting yesterday…we meet to discuss a great book by Dr. Therman Evans called From Purpose to Promise Driven Life: A Prescription For Making The Difference You Were Born to Make, at 6:45 on Sunday mornings.

THAT takes some serious commitment! 🙂

Anyway, as we discussed “commitment” which is the first principle of a ‘promise driven life,’ we acknowledged the challenge of remaining fully engaged from day to day and discussed some approaches that work…writing the goal, visualizing the outcome, knowing your “why” are a few.

Whatever it is what is clear is this: you MUST have a plan for remaining fully engaged. I strongly suggest that you permit yourself to surrender to this process; Honor this process and permit it to work for you. Open your heart and mind to doing what is asked. Engage with the other brilliant participants – PLEASE visit the event wall, the comments there today (and before) were magnificent!! Thank you Nina, thank you Ulla and others…

In terms of specific action steps, here’s what I suggest for today:

1) Revisit your journal and read those things you wrote before the program began. Read and elaborate where you can.

2) Re-write your goal, your desired outcomes for this program

3) Sit and visualize – with specific and emotionally charged clarity – how you will BE when you complete this 21 day journey…then

4) Visualize further…on January 23, 2010…how will your life be different? With as much detail as you can muster, imagine and write about how you will personally be better, how will your relationships be impacted? What about your business and family life? Imagine and write with detail. Include pictures, videos and any thing that would bring the visualization to life.

5) Examine your ‘why.’ Be clear on the benefits…know WHY you are doing this.

6) Write or print at least 3 powerful affirmations connected with your visualization and place them in places where you will see them daily. We MUST speak to our sub-conscious mind if we wish to change what’s going on there.

7) State these affirmations OUT LOUD as often as you can. Believing is essential to achieving.

8) Check in with your accountability partner and use this list as a checklist…each of you taking time – and use a timer if needed – to share about your ACTION with these requests.

9) Have you made ANY progress with any of those ‘bad habits’ we looked at earlier? Without working directly with these issues, you should expect to benefit from the constancy of your positive and powerful daily actions…explore the subtle changes and inclinations

10) Be sure to do both your symbolic and challenging actions…EVERY DAY.

If the challenging action is not something that should be done every single day, make the adjustment BUT be sure to at least think and write about the activity daily.

The symbolic action is daily, no exceptions.

Continue having fun, stay connected and find someone to be kind to today: Someone new.

Spread the joy of your life.  It is so joyous, isn’t it, to take charge, get fired up and actually DO something powerful with this life we are granted?

So be grateful and find someone, and pay it forward.

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and light,
Julette Millien


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