Days 20 and 21…of NO Complaining

H E L  L O   — The messages below were sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on days 20 and 21 of our journey together.  See event details here.



Just a quick reminder to sow what you would like to reap; give what you would like to receive and to see in others what you would like them to see in you.

Be generous, be kind and be compassionate.

God Bless.
Julette Millien


As God would have it, I came through the event wall planning to send a very brief message…for today…with a fuller concluding message in a day or so. (I am running from function to function and just would rather not delegate the joy of communicating with this lovely group of non-complainers!)

So I took a brief look at the wall…and like a gift left for us all, two wonderful souls left a word, or two. Very inspiring and very wise.

See below ▼

Thank you all for being on this journey with me and please enjoy these comments, then visit the event wall and share with us….

GIVE AS MANY COMPLIMENTS AS POSSIBLE TODAY! And let us know how much fun you had! 🙂


Those in the US, be safe and have great fun on Labor Day!

I’ll be in touch.

Peace & Love,

Julette ♥~

Arielle Kelly said…
It’s hard to believe it’s almost over…I have had a transformation in self and circumstances…some kind of wonderful synchronicity of events happened, including some ups and downs, but the air is different now…this has been like a spring cleaning for my soul and i thank you all and love you all.

Pam Lewis

A Parting Thought: Do Less

Do Less Thinking, and pay more attention to your heart.
Do Less Acquiring, and pay more attention to what you already have.
Do Less Complaining, and pay more attention to giving.
Do Less Controlling, and pay more attention to letting go.
Do Less Criticizing, and pay more attention to complementing.
Do Less Arguing, and pay more attention to forgiveness.
Do Less Running Around, and pay more attention to stillness.
Do Less Talking, and pay more attention to silence.

To all my fellow Non-Complainers…do well, love well, live well!

GoDoBe ♥~


Day 19 of NO COMPLAINING: The Spirit of Forgiveness

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 19 of our journey together.  See event details here.



Why do we complain? Something is:  offensive, worrisome, bothersome, perceived as a hindrance, are some of the answers I’ve gotten.

What’s your answer?

Write about this in your NO COMPLAINING journal.

As you peel that onion of an answer back a bit, you will no doubt get to a place of un-forgiveness.

Whether it’s forgiving yourself for complaining or forgiving yourself for getting into the situation you’re complaining about or forgiving yourself for being stuck in a complaining place for a long time over some issue…WHATEVER it is, you must forgive yourself for, that’s just it, you MUST forgive yourself!

A lack of forgiveness is the cancer that grows in our spirit and emotions that creates the environment for complaints.

So what can you release today? What can you forgive yourself for?

Who can you forgive today? WHO are you blaming for something? That state of blame is a complaint that took a seat in your life.

When will you open the door and say good-bye to blame?

If it were possible and you could RELEASE ALL that has you tied to a state of un-forgiveness…release all the baggage of regrets, blame, judgment, worry, agitation, complaints, etc…if you could RELEASE it all today, what could you do with the space created?

For one, I know you’d become a compliment factory!! 🙂
(How about giving five fabulous compliments today?)


  • Consider these questions and ideas.
  • Reflect on your answers
  • Go deeper than the surface
  • Peel the onion back, write, pray and meditate…whatever you do to get to your source.
  • Get there and stay for a bit.

Have a magnificent day my wonderful friends — to commit to no complaints for 21 days makes you a VERY special group of people and I am not looking forward to the end of our connection …:-)

Wishing you Peace, Love & Light…and LIGHTNESS too!

Julette Millien

Day 18 of 21 Days of No Complaining

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 18 of our journey together.  See event details here.



Thank you Arielle for the reminder of Pam’s prayer…it is lovely.

Pam Lewis shared this:

Today I Pray

May the word freedom take on new meanings for me, not just “freedom from” my addiction of complaining, but “freedom to” overcome it. Not just freedom from the slavery of self-will, but freedom to hear and carry out the will of my Higher Power.

Today I Will Remember

Freedom from means freedom to.
(the freedom FROM complaining means the freedom TO give, see and share more love)”

This is powerful because it takes what could be a passive statement and turns it into an active statement of intent.

I am not only interested in “freedom FROM” something but I am also claiming the freedom TO DO something.

What are the things you’d like to DO more of?

What’s holding you back?

Reflect today on what might need to be released (become free from) in order to be free to DO…


Have a magnificent day as you share compliments freely and refrain from complaining in thought or deed.


With Love,

Julette Millien


Day 17 of 21 Days of No Complaining

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 17 of our journey together.  See event details here.


Hello Hello,

This morning as I silently sat and was still the answer came to the question, “what should I tell the ‘no complainers’ today?”

“Tell them about love and fear” the answer came after only about 1 minute of silence.

That was fast, I thought.

Love and Fear...the connection to complaining and complimenting is this:

Love in your heart, your thoughts, your emotions, your spirit, produces gratitude, COMPLIMENTS for others and for yourself, wisdom, other-centeredness, forgiveness, perspective, joy, peace, grace, mercy, lasting legacies, activism, accountability, and on and on.

Fear in your heart, thoughts, emotions and spirit produces angst, irritation, COMPLAINTS, intolerance, worry, unforgiveness, false pride, inflated ego, passive aggressiveness – you know, where you say you’re not complaining but internally you’re a ball of fury, impatience, self-centeredness, anxiety, etc, etc.

I suggest to you with every opportunity you have today to choose fear or to choose love, CHOOSE LOVE.

Choose love when you are in traffic and feel tempted to complain
Choose love when your child disappoints you – say it with love
Choose love when a neighbor, friend or family member is hostile
Choose love when a colleague takes all the credit for a team effort
Choose love when you are excluded from ANYTHING
Choose love when you are blamed or accused falsely
Choose love when someone stops loving you or showing you love
Choose love when you forgive without an apology
Choose love when someone complains to you
Choose love when your love is ignored
Choose love when your mind or thought or emotions say different
Choose love.

Have a deeply loving and joy-filled day.
Julette Millien

Day 16 of 21 Days of No Complaining

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 16 of our journey together.  See event details here.



I am blessed by this effort – your messages and participation are heart warming. Thank you so very much.

Today I must be very brief.

1)  Please observe very closely how your thoughts pop up today. When a complaint begins to form…just observe, become an observer, a journalist and just observe. See if you can get any insights about how and when you begin to get a hint of complaining in your spirit/emotions/thinking.

2)  Write about what you find.

3)  Compliment three different people today.

4)  Let yourself be one of them.

5)  Have a magnificent time with these activities!

Oh – 6) how about a random act of kindness today? That’s one sure way to have a truly magnificent day.

Wishing you an abundance of love, peace and light,

Julette Millien


Day 15 of 21 Days of No Complaining!

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 15 of our journey together.  See event details here.



If you recall our journey had 4 parts to it – and it’s based on a fast from complaining I participated in at my church. Dr. Therman Evans, my Pastor led the journey. His facebook fan page is here:

Here are the steps we committed to: (from event wall)

1.  Refrain from negative comments: speak positive and think positively about our self, family, friends, neighbors and others.
2.  Complain about nothing: be complimentary about everything and everybody.
3.  Look for what is good in everything.
4.  Ask God for a transformation (Romans 12:1-2).

[Take me to the next level of promise, take my relationship to the next level of promise, take my place of worship to the next level of promise]

So far we’ve been concentrating pretty well on 1, 2 and 3.

Today I’m suggesting that we focus on #4

ASK God (insert, based on your culture and beliefs the name of your source) for what you’d like to have in your life, with specific regard to the transformation required to turn a complaining disposition into a consistently optimistic and love centered one.

ASK for it. Don’t just assume it’ll come. Often we fail to ask for what we seek in life and that blocks the process of receiving.

ASK a loved one to have a different relationship, one based on no complaining. Go through all your relationships, and one by one, ASK for the transformation you seek for each one.

SEE yourself as fully transformed. Visualize the way you will be speaking to yourself, to your family, friends, children, students, colleagues, neighbors, mentors, clients, strangers, customer service reps, support staff, employees, service professionals, etc, etc,

VISUALIZE these conversations.

CELEBRATE your success to date!! Because what you see as you visualize is what you have created!

Have a magnificent day my dear friends! 🙂

Peace, Love and Joy to each of you.

Julette Millien


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