Day 11 of 21 Days of No Complaining

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 11 of our journey together.  See event details here.


Hello NON Complainers!

I intended to include the names of those who have posted comments at the event wall, in this message today. I just wanted to say thank-you in a personal and public way…BUT after recording all of the names I realize that there are 150 people who have made about 248 comments at the event wall!! That’s very exciting!!

Many of these comments are personal stories and insights, “failures” and statements of determined commitment.

Your comments have been SUCH a blessing to me and I am sure to others so THANK YOU so very much.

In these events the breakthroughs often come because of something shared by another participant. We all have pearls of wisdom to share.

I thank you so much for sharing with such care and thoughtfulness.

Here is what I suggest for today:

1)   If you haven’t, visit the wall and read some

2)   While there check out the links people have posted…great information!

3)   Much has been done with this concept of “No Complaining”… do a little research today. Visit a few websites…

here’s a great one… ►

4)   Write in your journal about the BENEFITS of not complaining, or at least trying very hard not to, over the past 11 days

5)   Share these benefits and insights with someone else.

I wish you an abundance of love and light,
Julette Millien

P.S. All previous messages can be found at — They begin on August 8th – just click on calendar.


2 Responses

  1. This comment is not about the above post. I found at Meghna’s blog that you are(like me) a P G Wodehouse fan(a hard-to-find species on the net). So I thought of saying hi and ask you to visit my nascent blog. Cheers.
    (I am also on Facebook)

  2. Hi there Kundapur!

    Oh I just adore PG Wodehouse!! I haven’t read him in a few years, well maybe not quite so long but there was a time when that is all I read to put myself in a relaxed state before drifting off to sleep. He cracks me up! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping in!

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