Day 6 of 21 Days of NO Complaining

H E L  L O   — The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 6 of our journey together.  See event details here.


Hello there!

Suggested Activities for today:

1) Identify one situation or person in your life that you consider a challenge or negative or bothersome….FIND one thing that is useful or positive about it or them.

2) Write about that one thing you thought about

3) Give out 5 compliments today – 1 to yourSELF, 1 to a family member, 1 to your closest friend in the whole world!, 1 to a person you work or learn with and 1 to a person at your place of worship or the community at large.

Make these compliments very specific and of course they must be completely sincere! 🙂

Wishing you all the best there is in life! I am so filled with love and appreciation for this group of people – a group of 1200+ of you have signed on to make a positive difference in the world by becoming aware of personal habits around negativity! How cool is that!!

How totally POSITIVE is that!?

So I am inspired beyond words.

Stay in touch, share your insights and spread the love…

Peace, Love & Light

Julette Millien


P.S. Here are the previous messages: Day 5 Message Day 4 Message Day 3 Message Day 2 Message Day 1 Message Getting Ready – some vital suggestions


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