Day 2 of 21 Days of Complaining!

H E L  L O   The message below was sent to the participants of the Facebook event – 21 Days of No Complaining on day 2 of our journey together.


Hello Again!

There are about 30 people in this group who signed on yesterday and so have not received the message from day 1 – yesterday- …Please go here and start at the beginning ►

At that site there are also 2 other background messages you will find helpful, with some suggestions on getting started.

Suggested Activities for Today:

1)    Count the number of times you *think* about complaining

2)    Observe how often people around you complain

3)    Observe the difference between complaining and providing feedback

4)    Give 3 compliments today – 1 to a person you do NOT know very well or at all

5)    Consciously make an effort to *SMILE* more today than yesterday

Please, please, please [so I’m a little dramatic :-)] take the time to jot down some thoughts, share insights with others and make this a journey that helps others in addition to providing personal insights.

Have fun!

Wishing you ABUNDANT Love, Light and Laughter,
Julette Millien

P.S. People are sharing some HUGE insights and personal stories at the event wall…go, take a look, you’ll be blessed.


7 Responses

  1. Wow! Lana Chu really gave me a pleasant awakening with her message by Eckhart Tolle. This network is phenomenol!

  2. I think this quote was perfect and Eckhart’s writings truly resonates with me.

    Stick to the facts was really synchronicity for me as well today. I am writing something for a guardianship and was trying to not taint what I wrote with emotionally charged or judgmental statements and kept changing wording to the facts. (understanding even that is subjective) and doing that made the process so much easier and concise.

    I also think that it is a great way to express expectations and others to offer their own advice if it is based on more factual observations that observations that are interpreted into judgements about motves, malice, or other inferences that are based on our own view and not just it is what it is.

    I love his article “don’t take your thoughts so seriously” which really gives a perspective of how we are attached to being right and our egos.

    Love this lesson today and am really feeling great complaining less and noticing the automatic nature of complaining.

    Thanks for this opportunity.


    • My pleasure Gigi! It is a wonderful thing that you are applying this process to something so current and so very important. I agree, by not complaining we get to communicate in a way that is so much more effective.

      Isn’t it something how we complain so spontaneously! It’s like it’s second nature or something! Awareness! That’s what it’s all about.

      Thank you!

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  4. Thank ou for sharing this…I tought I had flunked out on day 2!!! I’m looking at my complaiining as “stating the facts” now. It totally changes my perspective. I don’t feel resentment or that I’m whining.

  5. That’s GREAT!! Changing perspectives is what it’s all about! 🙂

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