Inspired by Dr Therman Evans this 21 day challenge will transform you!

A commitment to compliments expands our universe. We are so comfortable being negative or at least, ‘not positive’ that we hardly notice the self-sabotaging thoughts and discouraging comments that flow out of our mouths on a regular basis.

This 21 day challenge will bring tremendous awareness. Just by attempting to be more positive, you will notice the negative tendencies and have more power over your own thoughts and emotions.

I’ve been doing this for the entire month of July and it has been TRANSFORMATIONAL! Negativity is surely not all gone but I am aware and so much more empowered now.

The joy it brings to be kind and thoughtful and loving in a deliberate and intentional way, is just magnificent.

Here’s what we were asked to do at Morning Star Community Christian Center by our Pastor, Dr. Evans. He asked that we:

1.   Refrain from negative comments: speak positive and think positively  about our self, family, friends, neighbors and others.
2.   Complain about nothing: be complimentary about everything and everybody.
3.   Look for what is good in everything.
4.  Ask God for a transformation (Romans 12:1-2).

[Take me to the next level of promise, take my relationship to the next level of promise, take my church to the next level of promise]

I’d like to use these directions as a guide. They worked well.

With sustained and focused effort for 21 days straight we are able to create a new habit…the research does show this; experience as well.

We’ve done several of these 21 day – create a new habit events on Facebook and the results have been amazing.

This time, the goal is not simply to create a success habit in 21 days.

The goal is to remain aware and maintain the intention to harbor no negative thoughts, seek and give compliments for 21 days straight.

If this takes longer for some or even many people, that’s OK.  We’re after 100% effort, not perfect results.  It’s in the mis-takes that many insights and revelations will be buried.

So bring on the slips and falls, that’s how we will learn and grow over the 21 days we spend together. 🙂

You can do this from any place in the world and at any point of your life.

Join us – I promise you, you will be transformed! 🙂

Join the Facebook event “21 Days of  NO COMPLAINING”  here ►http://www.new.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113145558924&__a=1

I’ll be blogging and sending simple exercises to you…please share your insights, participants will be enriched by your experience.

Wishing an abundance of love and light,




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