Days 20 and 21! Two more days to a powerful new success habit…ORGANIZATION!

The message below was sent to participants of the Facebook event…21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.

A quick reminder for those in relax and celebrate mode (Memorial Day here in the US) — DO something today, even if a very short amount of time is assigned, that brings you closer to the organized life you dream of living.

We overestimate the time needed and often exaggerate the emotional burden of unfinished projects.

It would be ideal to COMPLETE a project today…and if that’s not possible at least take a few steps in that direction.

A specific request:

Write a short entry in your organization journal/file –

***Ideally, what is the legacy you would like to leave in the area of community service?***

If you can devote just 15 – 20 minutes to a few action items today (including writing time) that would be splendid!

Then of course CELEBRATE!

Enjoy…relax…and celebrate your commitment to this process of organizing your life.

Wishing you joy and laughter,


Day 21 — LAST Day of our 21 Days program…are you organized yet?

Hi there!

[I’m unable to write a complete message today…will follow up asap.]

to you for completing 21 Days of Action with Organizing Your Life !!!!!!

Be sure to DO something specific today…the last day doesn’t mean, do less or nothing. It means for the 21st time, take an action step, do something in the area of organization.

Touch base with your accountability partner…some support and encouragement might be needed.

This is also a good day to review all messages and action requestswhat have you not completed?

Be well…all previous messages are here ►►►

Video message sent on Sunday is here ►►►

Peace and Love to you,

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