Day 9 – Organize Your Correspondence!

The message below was sent to the participants on Day 9 of 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.

This is a Facebook event – details are here.

Hello Organized People!!

Today is the first of 4 days dedicated to organizing those areas of your life to do with relationships, correspondence, books and learning…

Why is this important?

Think about your personal correspondence – letters, emails, text messages, phone calls, that HAVE NOT been responded to.
Are those relationships doing well?
Are you not responding because you don’t want to?
Or is it because the quantity is overwhelming?
Or perhaps you have no system in place to organize all the correspondence and as a result, letters get misplaced, emails get buried and phone calls get forgotten.

Today I’d like you to:

1) Dedicate as much time as you can to reviewing your personal correspondence “system.”

Where do you place letters? How do you tag emails needing a response? Where do you record incoming messages? How often do you schedule time to respond to everyone? How does this all affect your emotions and those relationships…?

2) Think about and record a few answers.

Some music to remind you of those who support you, raise you up and love you…►► ► ♫♫♫ You Raise Me Up ♫♫♫ – Josh Groban and African Children’s Choir

3) Then create a system – dedicate a drawer, file or folder to correspondence needing responses; tag emails with a certain color tag if you’re not able to respond immediately; schedule a specific amount of time per day to respond to personal emails and letters…even if it’s 5 minute a day, it’ll make a difference.

4) Answer at least 1 letter or email from your personal file…at least ONE! (Include a sincere apology if it is long overdue) 🙂

5) CELEBRATE – as ALWAYS! Celebration is an outward manifestation of GRATITUDE.

{We STILL have new folks signing on…please visit for all past messages. See all posts in May – starting with May 5th….}

Wishing you all an abundance of peace, joy, lightness and love.


P.S. You can find me here on Twitter ► (please tell me if you follow, and I’ll be sure to follow back)


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