Day 8 – Complete a Project!

The message below was sent to the participants on Day 8 of 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.

This is a Facebook event – details are here.


Hi Everyone!

The reports coming in are SO fantastic!! Folks are really throwing themselves into this one and getting themselves light and excited about their life!

Organization, clearance, clarity… good for us. Thank you for the inspiring messages!

So, it’s Day 8 and I suggest the following:

1) As best you can COMPLETE the project you started yesterday

2) If that was already done, spend 1 hour organizing and clearing up the space you spend MOST of your time at home...

3) Check in with accountability partner

4) Write the answer to this question in your ‘Organization’ journal/book/file:

After 21 days of action with organizing your life, what will you continue doing to keep the habit growing?

5) CELEBRATE – as ALWAYS! Celebration is an outward manifestation of GRATITUDE.

We still have new folks signing on…please visit for all past messages. See all posts in May – starting with May 5th….

Wishing you all an abundance of peace, joy, lightness and love.



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