Day 7 – Reflect, Take a step and Celebrate!!

The message below was sent to the participants on Day 7 of 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.

This is a Facebook event – details are here.


Hello Organized People! 🙂

This will be very short and sweet.

Action request for today is as follows:

1) Reflect on all you have done in the past 7 days…HOWEVER little it might be (to you) and be GRATEFUL for your efforts!

It’s from our “small” successes we create the platform and foundation of bigger success. From this perspective, NO success is small or insignificant.

2) Look around your home and take a FIRST step on the project that has been on your mind the most…the one that when done will bring a significant sense of accomplishment.

3) And as always….CELEBRATE!

For past messages – for the 4 folks who signed on yesterday – please go here —

Wishing you ABUNDANT peace, joy and love,


One Response

  1. It is nice to be able to release all the things that were not need anyway. I found that I would save somethings out of selfness of me. (The attached moment)

    Then I realized that I really had not remembered that the item was even there.
    ( I was never really attached to it anyway) it really becomes a – out of site out of mind kind of moment.



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