Day 6 – Organize your HOME.

Below is the message sent to participants of 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life on Day 6.  This is a Facebook event – details are here.


Hi there,

I hope all is well, even wonderful with each of you.

A strong suggestion ►►► Visit the event page – hit link above – and read some of the insights shared on the wall. Powerful stuff!
AND…share a thought or two. We will all benefit. 🙂

Today’s action:

1) Get into a resourceful state…with what works best for you. (some popular choices: prayer, meditation, nature walk, music or dance, etc…)

2) Do at least 15 minutes of organizing in one of these areas: foyer or entry way to your home; personal bedroom/bathroom; closet or personal mail.

3) C E L E B R A T E — ALWAYS celebrate!!

REMEMBER: What wasn’t done yesterday is history. FORGIVE yourself and let yourself reside in the PRESENT moment. The most powerful and productive way to move forward is LIGHT and free of baggage.

I shared this in an earlier message – the forgiveness ritual I do daily ►

Here are the links to past messages (for the few people joining us yesterday)

Message #1 ► – sent 5/3
Message #2 ► – sent 5/5
Day 1 Message ► – sent 5/6
Day 2 Message ►
Day 3 Message ►
Day 4 Message ►
Day 5 Message ►

Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,


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