Day 5! The Toilet Seat Lesson.

Below is the message sent out on Day 5 to participants of 21 Days of Action with Organizing Your Life…a Facebook event.    See details here



H A P P Y M O T H E R’S D A Y to all the Moms and those who do what Moms do – Give unconditional love and support to the children of the world.
Thank You!! ♥~

This is day 5 and the 1st day of organizing in the Home venue. Projects at home, left undone can really have tremendous impact on us – our disposition, attitudes and emotions. Home is where we are supposed to recharge, relax and become revitalized…and get ready to take on the challenges of our life.

Often this does not take place. Home, because of the physical condition of chaos can bring us down instead of pick us up.

You have control over this…You can tackle one little project at a time. And often the projects take a fraction of the time we imagine! Really! 🙂

I remember when I bought my very first apartment – a studio in Brooklyn, I was thrilled to be a home owner. I wasn’t thrilled about the things that had to be fixed from time to time though!

There was the matter of the broken (I thought) toilet seat. I would sit on this thing and it would slide around, causing great discomfort. After a few pinches of the skin, I decided I had to call somebody – would you believe I thought I had to CALL somebody!! Well, I didn’t- do it or need to do it! It got so bad that I dreaded sitting on the thing – which didn’t help much, if you know what I mean! lol

Well one day my girlfriend, Michelle came by to visit. I complained about the nuance toilet seat and Michelle bent down (her name is Michelle BENT, btw) in typical Michelle style of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, placed her hand under the seat, tightened a screw and IT WAS FIXED!!  In amazement, I babbled a thank you and had to laugh at myself.

Can you imagine! A few seconds of ‘work’ is all it took!! I had it blown into a huge problem, hurting myself, feeling badly about not getting it done. And all of that vanished in a few seconds!

The point? Some projects will take a few seconds, minutes or perhaps hours, but NOT the days and expense you may be thinking. We BLOW things all out of proportion, especially when they remain undone.

So the ACTION request for today is to find a project (check your master list) that takes NO MORE than 5 minutes to complete and do it TODAY.

That’s it. It has to be 5 minutes or shorter.

Then of course CELEBRATE! ALWAYS celebrate 🙂

I see folks are still signing on…

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Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,

For those on Twitter – you can find me here – and please let me know you are in this program and I’ll be sure to follow back promptly.


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