Day 4 of Creating a New Habit – Organization!

Below is the message sent to participants of the Facebook  event dedicated to creating a powerful  new habit – ORGANIZATION!   See details here.

Day 4 message sent on Saturday May 9, 2009


Hi there!

So did you think it’s the weekend so there’ll be a break?! NOT! lol

With creating new habits, DAILY action for 21 days is ESSENTIAL. Our brain’s circuitry is no ‘respecter’ of weekends. Repeated action in the targeted area…that’s the bottom line! 🙂

BUT we can still be human about the whole thing.   So here’s the deal.

As today is the the 4th day of organizing in the self venue, I would imagine you have started some projects that were bigger than the hours in the day…SO, today’s action request is as follows:

1) COMPLETE at least ONE of your organization projects started recently

2) Take at least 30 minutes today and do something that relaxes you, makes you laugh or in someway feeds your soul/spirit. (a random act of kindness jumps to mind)

3) If there’s nothing to complete – begin and do your best to complete at least 1 organization project (consult your master list, created in pre-work for this program) This can be as small as you’d like, taking as little time as you have – Just DO something!

4) Look at your list of ideas – created a few days ago – and place two dates next to each one. When would you LIKE to start and complete it?


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Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,

P.S THANK you for the personal messages – I’ll be in touch, and until then please know I’m SO excited to hear about how it’s working in your life! YES!! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. The exercise is already paying dividends in several ways. After I created the table with emotions I wanted to decrease/increase I saw a connection between how I was feeling and my physical state of organization. I was only organizing when my space got out of control or when I was feeling on top of my game and super productive. During the in between times – where most of life happens- I would let the papers pile up. This insight was HUGE for me! Thanks Julette.

  2. Chris – great thoughts here. I personally can become overwhelmed with
    the emotional stuff – but I find myself release in the tossing. Trying to stay organized can be tough – if it is not a habit that we normally do.


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