Day 3 – Still Organizing in SELF Venue!

Below is the message sent on Facebook – Day 3  (May 8th)  of 21 Days of Action with Organizing Your Life.  Event info here.


Hello there!

I hope you’re experiencing some lightness with a few areas more organized. Perhaps you’ve gained some clarity after doing the exercises from days 1 and 2. And maybe not.

Everyone has their own authentic process.

Take it one day, one task at a time. Sometimes organizing – physical and mental spaces – can feel chaotic when the process begins. Stirring things up, getting items ‘disturbed’ from their resting space can look and feel worse than it is. But that’s the process.

Be encouraged that you are on the path to organization as a habit, no matter what it looks or feels like.

Day 3 ACTION request:

1) check in with ACCOUNTABILITY partner

2) Create 1 bag or box of items to give away – from your personal belongings

3) Monitor your thoughts and emotions for 15 minutes today. Take note of the ones that inspire and those that don’t. Just observe, no judging or deep analysis requested! 🙂

4) Record some thoughts and feelings about your observations in your ‘Organization’ book or file.

5) CELEBRATE – ALWAYS celebrate!

For those folks just joining us – I see about 7 of you are new (now at 201 participants) Here are the previous messages:

Message #1 ► – sent 5/3
Message #2 ► – sent 5/5
Day 1 Message ► – sent 5/6
Day 2 Message ► – sent 5/7

Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,

P.S This is the Forgiveness Ritual I mentioned yesterday ►

TRY it! 🙂
It has been used to create miracles in my life and work. What’s a miracle anyway?

Seeing something differently, having a new perspective, creating a new life. ♥~


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