Day 2 – Do a Little, the Rest Will Follow!

Message below was sent on Day 2 of 21 Days of ACTION with Organizing Your Life.  This is a free  event on Facebook.

[It takes 21 days to create a new success habit so taking action daily is essential if you’re creating the ‘organization’ habit.]


Day 2 and I’m BUMMED!

…I was planning a video message for today but it just couldn’t happen!

ANYWAY!! [Organization really excites me, so do forgive the smileys and drama in punctuation!!!]

Hi Organized PEOPLE! 🙂

For today it’s really very simple… theme for today…

“Do a little, the rest will follow”

1)  ORGANIZE at least one section or space in your most private and personal space.  Wherever that is… [sleeping space, bathroom, underwear drawer (!!) :-)]

And since we’re still in the first four days of our program (see event info at sign up page for more details) we’re still organizing the invisible yet POWERFUL realm of ideas and emotions. [always go below that water line – you know, the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’]

2)  In your book or file that’s dedicated to ‘Organization’ please record the top 5 ideas you’d like to see come to life THIS year. Just record, no editing or judging! We will revisit.

3)  Also, record your top 5 most inspiring thoughts – that you have regularly and your top 5 most recurring thoughts that BUM you out. Just record.

4) Take stock and reflect…What brings on the inspired thoughts? And what triggers the ones that bum you out?  Be an investigative reporter, take notes. Take action IF you are moved to do so.

5) Celebrate!! – ALWAYS celebrate! 🙂

We had more than 10 folks sign up yesterday after the first message was sent so here are the links of messages past.

Message #1 ► – sent 5/3
Message #2 ► – sent 5/5
Day 1 Message ► – sent 5/6

REMEMBER THIS:  What wasn’t done yesterday is history. FORGIVE yourself and let yourself reside in the PRESENT moment.
I have a forgiveness ritual I do daily – will share tomorrow.  Until then, just get light and move one! 🙂

Wishing you ABUNDANT success, love and light,



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