Day 1 of Creating the powerful ORGANIZATION Habit!

Message sent on Day 1…. Facebook event here

Hi there! (this is longer than future messages!)

The excitement is rushing through my cells and gushing out onto the keypad! Can you feel it?? 🙂

Here’s the short version:

Housekeeping matters first.

I won’t be selling you anything – I promise. Please do not use this event or wall as an opportunity to sell your services or products.  Through relationships you develop with members of the event, you may feel compelled to share with them.  Please do so at your discretion…but the public spaces are reserved for INSPIRING, SHARING wins and challenges and questions/answers and so forth.

Thank you for honoring this.

Also, I will place messages at my blog for anyone trying to catch up to where we are. (later registrants)

Message #1 ► – sent 5/3
Message #2 ► – sent 5/5

Daily activities and messages will be SHORT. I’ll use video as well.

Honoring your commitment to this process by respecting your time is important. I’m not big on sound bites though so I will not sacrifice quality.

Here’s today’s Action request: (Organizing emotions and space)

1) Get into your most resourceful state by using techniques that work for you! For me, thoughts can be very distracting.  So I still myself by focusing on my breath and sensations of my body.  When I can sense the magnificence of the trillions of cells keeping me alive, I get really grateful and my power bubbles up to the surface. I stay there for as long as I can. Gratitude is POWERFUL!

2) Right after getting into this resourceful state, do the following:

List top ten emotions or states of being you feel or experience in a given week. Don’t edit or judge, just list them – top 10!

At top of page, create 3 columns STOP/Reduce,  CONTINUE,  START – place top ten in proper category and any emotion or state you’d like to experience more consistently place in START column.

For example, of my top 10 I want to STOP feelings or states of frustration, disappointment and anxiety, CONTINUE those of joy, love, kindness, etc….And, I want to START being more ‘silly’ (my kids would love this) and more adventuresome. Get the idea?

3) Take stock – review what you’ve come up with. What does it say about how you’re living? What would you like to replace those states in the STOP column with? Remember YOU are in charge of your emotions NOT the other way around.

4) Clean out and organize your work surface and at least ONE drawer, bag or briefcase, stack or shelf in your personal space. (review the list you made of organization projects – earlier request made in message #1)

5) Reflect and Celebrate – always celebrate each little step along the way. Something small but meaningful!

Celebrate even if you didn’t do #4 – every bit of action counts and should be celebrated.

Remember your vision of the end and why you signed up for this event.

There is no real or lasting success without organization.

Wishing you ABUNDANT success,


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