Creating the ‘organization’ habit! Are You Ready?

Below is the second message sent to event members – with some pre-work!


Hi there!

We’ve had a lot of new folks registering for this event since Sunday so I’d like to provide a link to the first message sent…there were some suggestions for getting started.

I’ll be in touch with the first day’s activity – remember taking action for 21 days straight is necessary if you’re trying to create a HABIT of organization!

Until then ask yourself these questions and consider the following:

1) Begin with the end in mind. Write the vision…in great details…physically what would you like to see, emotionally how would you like to feel and spiritually where would you like to be when we reach day 21?

2) Why are you doing this program?
What outcomes are you seeking?
What do you foresee the challenges to be?
What’s your plan for dealing with said challenges?

3) Identify your support system, accountability partner and any resources you have access to.

If you answer and do the above , you’ll be approaching this event with a plan and a mindset of success…the only way to succeed.

Wishing you abundant success,

P.S.  Remember…we play the way we practice, so do the things today you’d like to have as habits tomorrow. 🙂


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