Organize Your Life in 21 Days – Welcome!

Welcome and thanks for stopping in!

21 Days of Action with Organization is about taking daily action, organizing and clearing out some part of your life.  It can be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional space!

This is something we all need – clearance, order, organization – but often things get out of control and a small pile becomes a massive load; a minor concern becomes huge anxiety; a grand idea lays dormant, a great relationship suffers, etc…

When things in the physical world get out of control and get bigger in size, they tend to weigh us down: psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. It takes up more space in our minds and hearts.

So organization in one’s physical space is very much connected to lightness and clarity in one’s thoughts and feelings.

And sometimes our physical space is neurotically ‘perfect’ to compensate for our inner turmoil.

You’ve got to be STILL and listen to that inner voice for guidance…Which part of your life is in MOST need of some organization?

Tackle that area first IF you’d like to reap the maximum benefit from this 21 day event.

For 21 Days straight I invite you to take ACTION with ORGANIZATION.

Why 21 days? Because that’s how long it takes to create a new habit!

My goal is help you to create a new, powerful success habit.

ORDER is essential if living peacefully and joyfully is your goal. Prosperity and success cannot exist amongst chaos. Organization is an essential habit/skill. The lack of it can be felt in every area of your life.

If you agree to participate in this event [these events have been known to be transformational, so DO NOT enter casually! :-)] you will be asked to agree to the following:

1) Have a personal brainstorm session where you come up with a list of organization projects around your home, office, car, etc. as well as personal areas for organization improvement ( like getting thoughts and ideas recorded – free up space in the brain; getting clarity on some anxiety or fear you have about dealing with something old or new; planning/acting on ideas; connecting spiritual knowledge to everyday events.)

2) Commit to accomplishing one small project per day (or significant piece of a larger project)
– This could be as simple as clearing out one drawer, or file, or handbag or as major as giving away ALL excess clothes and things from your home and office, in which case you would do a little each day. Or perhaps, in 21 days you can get a business idea from head to paper to implementation.

3) Share here as much as you can – the more we share with each other the richer the experience

4) TAKE AN ACTION STEP each day.

5) Get an accountability partner – someone to share with and be accountable to throughout the 21 days. A plan to check in and report on action steps taken would have to be created and honored.

So for 21 days I will guide you through exercises and suggested activities to create this powerful new success habit. (Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit – see group link below for more info and links to research)

Please join us ONLY if you are willing, coachable and ready to take a MAJOR next step in your life by creating a powerful new success habit.

The 21 days will be focused in the following way:

  • Days 1-4             Personal Organization – organizing personal spaces , ideas and emotions
  • Days 5-8            Organizing the home
  • Days 9-12          Organizing correspondence and papers, personal books and learning
  • Days 13-16        Organizing work spaces, offices, files and general books
  • Days 17-20       Organizing community projects, volunteer files, vehicles and projects at houses of worship.
  • Days 21              Wrap-up.

In order to have the life of your dreams, you’ll have to create order in ALL the venues of your life. Joy, peace, prosperity cannot exist in chaos.

In order to have the BUSINESS of your dreams, you, your partners and your team will have to exist in ordered space and implement efficient systems in order create and produce your highest and best products and services.

JOIN us! This will be a life changing event!!

I welcome you to join the 2 groups  on Facebook that I administer and are dedicated to supporting this event.

How Do I Forgive and Heal the World?

Success Habits in 21 Days

We begin on Wednesday May 6 – See you there!

Wishing you Abundant Success,




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  1. I wish I could attend this brainstorming session so I could better learn how to organize my stuff and my life in general. And I could as well share my tips and ideas. Anyway, good luck to your meaningful endeavor!

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