21 Days of ACTION with Organization – Get Prepared!

Message #1 to participants of the event – Sent via Facebook on Sunday May 3rd.


Hello Organized People! 🙂

A big hearty WELCOME to each of you registered for this exciting (because WE will make it so!) fun and if you want it to be, life changing 21 Days event!

Some events this week combined with Facebook’s EXTREMELY slow invitation process, has made it necessary to change our start date.

We will begin on Wednesday May 6th…I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change.

Until then, I suggest the following:

1) Assign a notebook and file folder to this event. You’ll find as soon as you begin to think and do more about this topic, interesting tid-bits will come your way.

You’ll want/need to have a place to store it all and write about it all. Yes, an edocument can work.

You may find it helpful to still have a place to store hard copies of things if scanning is not an option.

2) However it is you get optimistic – whether it’s prayer or music, dance, art, nature, reading, walks, family time or alone time – However you get to a place of inspiration, optimism and inner peace, please dedicate 15 minutes and allow yourself to get there and then be STILL in it …for 15 minutes.

Immediately after, do the following exercise…

3) Have a PBS – private brainstorming session– and record every organizing project you’d like to accomplish or idea you’d like to act upon over the next few months.

4) Get an accountability partner to assist you and motivate and support you over the next 21 days.

Having an accountability partner can make ALL the difference with how much you get out of this experience. I urge you to get one.

Someone in the program would be ideal.

I know often folks register for facebook events without reading the info, so I invite you to visit the page,  read about how the 21 days will be approached and leave a message – share intentions, info, insights, etc,- for us all.

The group experience is enhanced by genuine support and sharing, so please take part and get fully involved.  We will all be blessed by it. 🙂

Talk to you soon!



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