Day 3 Assignment for 21 Days of Action with Forgiveness

Hello there!

For DAY #3 please do the following:

1. Review list of things to forgive yourself for and RELEASE another item – Decide to STOP the guilt TODAY

2. Write that item on paper and DESTROY – symbolically and actually!!

3. Next to each and all the items listed, write a date when you think you’ll be ready to release the guilt

4. Create a MASTER list of all your positive qualities with an example where possible [for example: friendly – I smile at strangers; thrifty – I compare prices; organized – I clear my work space often, etc] Dedicate 10 minutes and don’t stop writing until the time is up

5. Do forgiveness ritual – sent yesterday and is also posted at ►►► my blog

The first 3 days of our program were dedicated to forgiving yourself – if you can’t forgive you forgiving others will be empty.

The next 3 will be spent on the HOME venue. Specifically, begin thinking about people you need to forgive in and around your domestic situation; for example, immediate family members, visitors and neighbors.

Tomorrow we will begin to focus on the baggage you carry in this vital venue.

Take a nice deep breath…often! 🙂

You’re doing something few people take on – it takes courage and strength to forgive and here you are creating a habit and a mindset of forgiveness!! I have nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings for each of you. *misty eyed* [yes, I’m really mushy, at times :-)]

In Light and with Love,
♥  ♥  ♥

P.S. for earlier messages – those catching up please see ‘recent entries’ at ►
And my video message here – from day 1
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