21 Days of ACTION with Forgiveness – Day 1

Hello there!

for signing up for 21 Days of Action with Forgiveness!

Really, the battle is half won.   That’s because your intention is clear; you wish to forgive ALL, release ALL and become lighter, more open and more free.

That is a very good thing.

I am SO so so so EXCITED for you – and for me too because the more I do this (guide others through the forgiveness process) the easier it becomes to release ANYTHING negative that pops into my life.

OK.  Here is how I suggest you to start off; PREPARED!

As you know before starting any trip or taking on any important project, you MUST be prepared to excel. You won’t do or be at your highest and best by accident. It has to be intentional.

So please prepare yourself for this forgiveness journey in the following way: DAY 1 activities

1. Dedicate a journal or notebook to this forgiveness event- write as often as possible about the experience

2. Write the following in it: your forgiveness intention –what are you hoping to accomplish? Also, make a list of everything you feel guilty about – this is what you will be releasing over the next 3 days

3. Write the benefits: What will you gain from releasing all this guilt?

4. Read (if you haven’t) the articles sited at the Event Page – provided below

A blog entry here on Forgiving Yourself will get you started in this vital venue:
►►► Forgive Yourself  FIRST

Also, this one  ►►► on Consistency – How We Practice We Play

5. Spend some time in silence or prayer or meditation in a quiet spot or nature walk, letting love guide your state.

Again, congratulations on taking this life-changing, mindset shifting step into complete forgiveness.

As I mentioned on the event wall, having an accountability partner will dramatically increase your benefits from this experience. I URGE you to share your goals with a trusted friend and permit them to hold you to your daily intentions.

Accountability is a basic requirement of any undertaking IF excellence is your goal!

It was decided to conceal the guest list for this event to protect the privacy of each participant. But if you’d like to have an accountability partner from within the group please leave a message on the discussion wall and others will respond if available.

I’ll be in touch regularly throughout the 21 days and will be available for any questions you might have. Share your questions and your insights, we will all be blessed by whatever you have to add to this experience.

I hope you are as excited as I am :-). This is exciting though I certainly understand if you’re a bit anxious…that’s perfectly normal. Just allow me to guide you, take it one step at a time and remember your benefits. The ‘why’ behind your actions will keep you motivated when/if it gets a bit uncomfortable.

Change is never comfortable but it is so necessary!

Keep the end in mind – lightness and peace and joy, etc…. 🙂

In light and with Love,

♥ ♥ ♥


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