Is Your Life in Balance?

In order to live a balanced life you’ve got to think about your habits in each of The Five Vital Venues of Life.

You don’t want to be a raving success in business but have a horrible family life,  a great community leader but terrible relationships with friends and family, awesome home life with a failing business.  Imagine how long these “great” areas of your life will remain gratifying if  there’s no balance.  Not very long.

You don’t want to have an imbalanced life.  An imbalanced life leads to stress, illness, reduced income, broken relationships and general unhappiness.

When our life is in balance we find our joy, we create lasting peace and prosperity on a daily basis.

How do you determine whether you’re in balance or not?  And once you determine that you’re out of balance, how do you proceed?

If you just live and hope it all falls into place, has that worked for you? I bet not.

A deliberate approach is needed.  Below is the system I’ve used successfully for decades.

The Five Vital Venues are:

  • Self – (where most of the self help industry spends its time!) this is anything to do with self-improvement, personal habits, health & wellness, personal spending, etc…
  • Relationships – the dynamics of relationships, communication, and all that goes into having loving, open and thriving relationships with friends, family colleagues, partners, mentors, etc.,  falls into this venue
  • Home – this venue is all about where you call home and all that happens there. Your family life, the spirit of your home, the look and feel of your home, the peace of your home. This venue is so important! If your home life is not right, meaning it doesn’t nourish and sustain you, it would be impossible to maintain a successful life on the outside. People do it, but that’s not success.
  • Work/Business – This venue is about the workplace and all that goes on there. Your advancement or ability to grow your business. For many people this venue is most of their life and all other venues are ignored. Most imbalances come from this venue getting too much of your available time and energy. But also, many of what goes on in this venue is like a rat in a maze (hence term rat race.) People are very busy but because of bad or ineffective habits, their work is not as fruitful as it could be or as they need it to be. Powerful success habits are needed to work smarter.
  • Community/Church – For life to be truly balanced it has to have a ‘reach out’ component.  It can’t be all about you, your family and the business.  Giving something back to the community is crucial.  Service is actually one of the essential habits of prosperity. Fellowshipping with fellow church members, with neighbors and the business community is a vital part of success. And not just for the socializing piece either. We have to be part of or lead programs that help other people who are not as fortunate as we are. We all live in a community and we have a responsibility to be a player, active in some aspect of that community’s well being. Being on the sidelines is not an option.

Review these 5 Vital Venues and decide which venue you will concentrate on.

A quick assessment will help.

On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate your success in each venue?  (Success meaning your active involvement, healthy relationships and projects and general state of contentment within each venue.)

The one with the lowest rating would be a good place to start.

To move forward with clarity and personal power, be sure to FORGIVE yourself for any lack of balance that exists.

New and powerful success habits will have to be created if you’d like to remain in balance in these 5 Vital Venues.

Some Suggestions for Taking Action Today:

  1. Do a quick assessment to see where some work is needed
  2. Forgive and release all regret and anxiety about the lack of balance
  3. Assess what the patterns of your life are that made it possible to be out of balance
  4. Commit to a plan to create the desired balance – which new habits are needed?  what are your action goals in the venue of choice? how will you measure your success in creating the new habits and taking the necessary actions? how will you be accountable? and to whom?

Have fun with this exercise and be sure to celebrate along the way.

Balance in life is necessary, it’s attainable and it’s all up to YOU!

Wishing you ABUNDANT success,


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