’21 Days’ Events for 2009

21 Days events are designed to support you as you create a brand new powerful success habit.

During 2009 we will be taking on  the following topics/habits.  Our programs are ’21 days’ because research has shown that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

Invitations will be sent out on Facebook and together hundreds, sometimes thousands will ‘get together’ and support each other as we create a brand new habit. Activities, exercises,  accountability, videos and blogs are some of the tools we use.

Our 21 Days of Kindness event had over 1800 participants last November and we just ended 21 Days of Accountability with about 500 participants.   The feedback has been phenomenal.

These events are fun, they’re free and they’re very powerful.

These habits are essential for lasting success.

I invite you to review this list and if you have a suggestion, feel free to share it.  Please leave a comment about your preferences and priorities.

I’ll be happy to use your feedback.

1.  JOY by being GRATEFUL – 21 days of gratitude.

2. Service – Personal Social Responsibility – February (in the works with an expert in the area)

3.  Organization – organize one drawer, one bag, one room, one office or section of a business, just organize one project per day for 21 days.

4.  Abundant Thinking – following the guidelines, speak, share and think positive thoughts for a specified time period each day for 21 days.  Guidelines will be provided about what to take in if you wish to produce abundant thinking.

5.  Pause by being STILL 5 minutes per day – Meditation/stillness/alone time

6.   Kindness – 21 days of kindness was such a worldwide success, we MUST do it again.

7.   Forgiveness – each day forgive (and record) someone or something, whether it’s new or old.  Daily self-forgiveness ritual.

8.    Communication– each day communicate -meaningfully – to someone on your list of people you’d like to get closer to

9.    Laughter – sharing funnies, making time to laugh DAILY

10. Prayer – only a commitment to daily prayer required

11.  Healthy Eating and Workout – for people committed to 21 days straight of  healthy living.

12.   Accountability – DONE – January

As part of our program, an accountability partner is always recommended.  It makes all the difference in the world.

Let me know what you think about these topics, which should be first and any I haven’t thought of.

Wishing you Abundant Success!


♥♥♥ – In Light and with Love, as usual 🙂

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