Day 21 of 21 Days of Accountability – Now What?

Well partners, I woke this morning with contacting you as a priority.

It’s the final day of our 21 Days of Accountability!  And I’m so excited I can burst.

Before I could even get to drafting this message, the emails came rolling in from people all over the world!

Messages of gratitude and updates, stories of success; I am so blessed by this experience!

Partners on this journey are reporting gains in their

confidence, faith,  daily joy, optimism, ability to focus, material success, intimacy, ability to connect, friendships, integrity, self-esteem, self-image, etc, etc…It goes on and on…

Thank YOU, each of you for having the courage to begin your year on the best possible note: The note of accountability and integrity.

‘If we get this first note right, the rest of the song is sure to be beautiful.’  And as the feedback demonstrates, this is a proven fact.

So what now accountability partners?

What can you learn from this experience?   What can you do to ensure a LASTING impact on your life?

This was not designed to be a mere 21 day exercise.  It was designed to impact your life in a deep and lasting way.

Your other goals for 2009 are now be attainable. How will this happen?

Here are some suggestions for moving forward:

  1. Write in your journal. Write about your insights and your challenges with accountability
  2. Contact your accountability partner and ask for feedback.  Ask for honest feedback about your accountability habits
  3. Accept said feedback as an objective view of ‘you’ from a trusted person’s perspective
  4. If the feedback does not jive with your perception of yourself, regarding your accountability, ask others – whose opinion  you trust
  5. Write about this feedback in your journal – your feelings, thoughts and intentions
  6. Review your goals for 2009, break them down into 4 quarters
  7. Decide what you will be pursuing for this first quarter – between now and March 31st
  8. Ask someone to be your accountability partner, let them know your goals and what you will be doing weekly/daily to accomplish said goals
  9. Continue the daily forgiveness ritual
  10. Find someone younger, a teenager and teach them about accountability – offer to be their partner. Pay it forward.

It’s my hope that you continue on this accountability track and make a lifetime commitment to being an accountable person in every area of your life.

This is the ONLY way you will experience success and find lasting peace, joy and prosperity.

To BE anything and DO anything well in life, you must be accountable for your actions and your inaction.  It really is that simple.

This has been a joy!

Oh and if we’re not yet facebook ‘friends’ be sure to change that, I’d love to be able to invite you to future ’21 Days’ programs – an EXCITING one is being planned right now! 

Sending much love and best wishes for your abundant success.
God Bless,


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