Why would I need to pause to succeed if taking action is what it’s all about?

Throughout this 21 Days of Accountability, I’ve stressed the need to take daily action towards your goal, be in contact, regularly with your accountability partner and to do your daily forgiveness ritual. Seems I’ve been stressing ACTION. I know.

Taking action is the key to creating a new success habit. No doubt about it.

Here’s the thing: What makes action effective? Obviously, non-stop activity is not smart (think of the logical extension here of going non stop without sleep and rest.)

To be effective, moments of pause are essential during activity.
Sometimes the thing to DO, the action to take is to pause. Sometimes doing nothing IS doing something.

In the case of the PAUSE, it is powerfully ‘doing something.’

Think about the power of the pause in sentences (imagine a sentence without a period) or in a piece of music (can you just imagine notes without rests in between?)

How about a presentation without those meaningful and power laden pauses. It’s in the pause during a presentation that listeners get an opportunity to take in what was just said.

In each case above, when pause is not used the meaning is lost. Words, music and presentations have little meaning without effective punctuation, rests or pauses. A person listening or reading would have to work so hard to find the meaning.

Now apply this same thinking to the process of creating a habit. Constant activity is ineffective here as well. The value of consistent action would be lost if you were in non-stop activity.

This does not mean you should take a break from doing what you need to do for 21 days straight. Taking action for 21 days , uninterrupted is required to form a new habit.

What it means is this:

1) Take a break from worrying or talking about the 21 day program

2) Put aside 15 minutes as soon as possible to just sit in silence

3) Stop the flow of incessant inner chatter – ‘No thinking allowed.’

At the end of 15 minutes, be still some more and this time, listen for inner guidance. If any is present you will not hear it above the chatter of self-talk and other external noises. Silence and listening is required.

Like the rest between the ♫♫♫ notes ♫♫♫ of music, these moments of silence will bring power to your actions. Greater meaning will come.

The power is in the PAUSE.

Try this, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Wishing you Abundant Success.

Be Still and know…


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